Wearing a sexy underwear by her boyfriend

Wearing erotic underwear is a more sexy and confident way for many women to make themselves more sexy and confident.However, when some women are attacked by her boyfriend or partner because of wearing sexy underwear, this incident needs to be concerned and get the deserved treatment and vigilance.

What is sexy underwear?

First of all, let’s find out what the sexy underwear is.Sexy underwear is a sexy women’s underwear, which usually includes a variety of types such as nighttime, sexy underwear, and bodies underwear.Their design and production focuses on highlighting women’s posture and curves, making the wearer more sexy and charming.

Why is it hitting a sexy underwear?

However, some women were attacked by her boyfriend or partner after wearing sexy underwear.This is mainly due to the severe sexual desires and harsh behaviors brought by some men.

Candidate violence

Whatever reason, we should condemn and oppose any form of violence.Women have the right to choose to wear their favorite underwear, and men should respect and love women.

Understand the person’s character

When a woman wants to wear sexy underwear and show her sexy, her partner should try to understand and accept it.Women and men should frankly exchange each other’s needs and preferences in order to better understand each other.

Use sexy underwear reasonably

In addition, women should wear sexy underwear at the right time, place and occasion.You should not wear sexy underwear at any time, because this may make some people uncomfortable or misunderstand.

Avoid provocative behavior

When women wear sexy underwear, they should avoid any provocative behavior or discourse, which may cause the partner’s negative emotions.Remember that any violence should not be tolerated, but we should try to avoid irritating others.

Education gender equality

We need to educate people’s equality and concepts of gender, and respect everyone’s freedom and rights.Women have the right to choose the costumes they want to wear, and men should respect the choice of women, not because women choose to wear sexy underwear to have violence.

Call for violence not tolerate violence

Finally, we should encourage everyone to make a sound when facing any form of violence and injustice, and cannot tolerate unfairness and violence.We also need to establish a more fair and harmonious social environment so that everyone can be respected and protected.


We should encourage everyone to respect each other’s rights and freedom, and oppose any form of violence and injustice.It is not wrong to wear sexy underwear itself, but when violence appears, we need to resolutely oppose it and work hard to protect the rights of the victims.

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