Wedding to send girlfriends sexy underwear

Wedding to send girlfriends sexy underwear

Why do you send sexy underwear?

Marriage is a big event in life. Giving gifts should consider the needs and preferences of newlywed couples, and girlfriends, as the closest friends of the bride, also have the obligation to give a special gift.As a sexy and practical underwear, sexy underwear is an excellent choice for girlfriends.It can not only bring her different dressing experience, but also add fun to the life of her husband and wife.

How to choose sexy underwear?

When choosing a girlfriend’s sexy underwear, consider her body shape and personal style.Knowing her preferences is the key, such as like sexy or cute style, whether she likes particularly strange appearance, and so on.At the same time, comfort and quality should be first.After all, wearing comfortable underwear is the most suitable.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual feelings are a reflection of women’s charm. It can show figures and advantages, which is amazing.If you want to highlight your figure, you can choose to be personal -sexy underwear, such as the lace tattoo set of the back, or the splicing hollow jacket.For those girlfriends who are confident and adventurous, you can try a mask -type tight -fitting pajamas or a deep V with a deep stitching of a thin shoulder strap.

Full love sheet

Compared with more confident and courageous sexy underwear, cute and sexy underwear is suitable for more shy girlfriends.For example, the square brown bears, red love jumpsuits and bear’s headwear, or short lace vests and large barrel lace dresses, etc. These are the first time that is very suitable for the first sexy underwear.

Adult sexy underwear

Adult sexy lingerie is obviously more suitable for those romantic or adventurous girlfriends.For example, various colors of sexual robes, deep V sexy robes, and various unique high -waisted lace sets, etc., are full of temptation.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is not only popular in the European and American markets, but its popularity has radiated to the world.They have the ultimate tension, and they are very suitable for girlfriends to enter the wedding hall, because European and American sexy underwear emphasizes the figure proportions and curves.Very sexy robes and suspenders, high waist and chest hollow embroidery lace suitable for high -profile occasions.

Key suggestions

Different brands have their own characteristics and size. Therefore, when choosing a gift, you must learn more about some brands. You can make detailed comparison of the brand’s similar sexy underwear.At the same time, under the premise of quality, moderate consideration is also practical.

size selection

Choosing a size is the most important part of buying sexy underwear.It is recommended to ask her girlfriend in advance to understand her figure information and give the size table that helps to judge the size.Sex underwear is sometimes small or large, so making more comparison and attempt is a very wise choice.This is not only conducive to the mood of girlfriends, but also to ensure the actual effect of the gift, and avoid affecting the effect of the gift due to size problems.

color match

For color choices, girlfriends’ own opinions are the key, but the assistance suggestions are also necessary. You can choose colorful sexy underwear, such as purple, black, red, which is suitable for being more eye -catching when wearing at night.White or nude underwear is more suitable for daily wear.

The practical value of wedding gifts

Although sexy underwear looks just a sexy gift, its practical value is far from so simple.In the life of husband and wife, sexy underwear can not only add fun, but also enhance feelings.Therefore, sending fun underwear is not only to show love, but also improves the happiness index of newlywed couples.


Send underwear as a wedding gift. Although it is more interesting than the practical side, it is more interesting than general gifts.At the same time, girlfriends did not hesitate when buying their own sexy underwear, and they could also focus on gifts for buying honeymoon travel.

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