What are the domestic sex lingerie brands

What are the domestic sex lingerie brands?

With the gradual opening of domestic culture, the sexy underwear market has developed vigorously. There are many brands in the market. How to choose a sexy underwear brand that suits them in many brands has become a problem that everyone is very concerned about.This article will introduce and recommend the sexy lingerie brands in the domestic market.

1. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secret http://www.Victoriassecret.com/ is a well -known American sexy underwear brand and one of the favorite brands of major stars.The characteristics of the brand lies not only in the diversity of product style, but also the brand influence brought about by its marketing and promotion methods.In China, Victoria’s sexy lingerie sales can be described as considerable. Its product line is rich. Both the basic and fashionable styles are very distinctive.

2. Pink fence (pink)

Pink (Pink) is a sexy underwear brand under the secret of Victoria. Its style is very similar to Victoria’s secret, but it has an element of youthful vitality.When choosing sexy underwear, many girls who love sports will be more inclined to pink fences, because in addition to fashion, the brand’s sexy underwear can better meet sports needs.

3. Deerway

Jiuzhou Deer, as one of the leading brands in the domestic product industry, has been committed to providing sex health services for global users since its establishment.As a sexy underwear brand in the domestic market, Jiuzhou Deer is actually very prominent in sexy underwear.It not only has a fashionable underwear, but also a variety of sexy underwear suitable for sports, comfort, sexy and other attributes to comprehensively meet the needs of different types of women.

4. Pennyblack

Pennyblack is a fashionable and sexy underwear brand derived from Europe. Its style is fashionable, elegant, and sexy. The product line is very rich.Penny cat’s sexy underwear generally shows a more retro and noble feeling, suitable for those women who like retro style and pay attention to taste.

5. Comanr bra

Aimer is the leader of the Chinese sex underwear market, and its well -known degree is beyond doubt.As a representative of domestic brands, Ciman’s breasts have both classic sexy underwear and fashionable and sexy sexy underwear. They are sought after by domestic women with excellent quality, both internal and external repairs, and high comfort.

6. Embryform

As a representative of China’s local sexy underwear brand, Embryform is well -known in the domestic market.Compared with the sexy underwear of other brands, the beauty is high -end gorgeous as the core. Its sexy underwear shows the combination of sweetness and gorgeousness, and ensures the cost -effectiveness of underwear.


Wacoal’s sexy underwear brand from Japan and the United States has the title of "the first share of A -share underwear".Its sexy underwear design often follows the traditional aesthetics of Japanese -style, emphasizing that fewer is more, focusing on the craftsmanship of carving.Wacoal’s sexy underwear is very prominent in terms of design, details to materials. It is advocated that as long as each woman in the inner beauty can happily put on a relaxed and free sexy underwear.

8. Playboy (Playboy)

Playboy is a sex lingerie brand from the United States and one of the world’s most famous brands.Playboy’s sexy underwear is very bold in design, emphasizing sexy and teasing elements, suitable for those who like unique charm.

9. Jockey

Jockey is a brand that integrates cultural and creative fashion and sexy underwear. Because of its fashion degree, it maintains a balance in terms of penetration and is suitable for women who like to take into account both comfort and fashion.The brand’s sexuality has a wide range of favorable underwear, which follows the simple concept without losing the theme of beauty.

10. La Perla

As a representative of Italian sexy underwear brands, La Perla pays great attention to details and quality in design, so it has also received much attention in the domestic market.Its fun underwear not only focuses on quality, but also reflects the romantic style of mood, but also has a strong European style and high -end sense. No wonder major fashion women are in love with it.


It is not difficult to see that there are many brands in the domestic sex lingerie market, and we only introduced ten models within the scope of length permit.These sexy underwear brands not only have their own characteristics and advantages, but also have a place in the market.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose the brand and underwear style that suits you according to your body, style, and personal interests.

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