What are the sexy underwear women look good


With the progress of society, people have more and more demand for sexy underwear. Underwear is not only a kind of warm or clothing, but also an artifact that can enhance women’s aesthetics and attract the opposite sex.However, how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you has become a problem for many women.Today, let’s talk about what a woman wears in the erotic underwear. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


Material is one of the criteria for choosing sexy underwear. Comfortable breathability is a factor that must be considered.Appropriate materials are not only comfortable to the skin, but also the impact of the body’s stubbornness.For example, cotton -made underwear, which can be breathable, does not cause great stimulation to the skin, and is relatively light in size.Knitting or a silk texture of sexy underwear, soft feel, can also achieve the effect of optimizing the body by strengthening elasticity.


In terms of color selection, we can choose the appropriate color according to personal skin color and wear occasions.The light -colored erotic underwear is very elegant and elegant, which can be presented with rendering materials such as transparent or lace.The dark color is more concerned about women’s mysterious sexy and personality charm. For example, black and purple underwear are not only independent in style, but also can also reflect the elegant gas field of women.


In terms of style, we can match according to our body characteristics and personality temperament.For example, women with huge breasts can choose triangular underwear or shoulder strap -free sexy underwear, and for women with smaller busts, a close -fitting underwear with a cushion is more applicable.In addition, different styles can be selected in the style, such as lace underwear or nude underwear, emphasizing the beauty of different postures.


Transparency is one of the main manifestations of sexy underwear. It can be both seductive or a wonderful part of sexy.However, transparency also needs to be selected according to different bodies and temperament.For example, the transparent design of the back or chest can better reveal the beautiful curve of women, and excessive exposure will make the whole dress look vulgar, so it is particularly critical to deal with it.

Auxiliary jewelry

In addition to the selection of sexy underwear, in addition to the main part of the main body, it also needs to cooperate with appropriate auxiliary accessories to highlight the temperament and beauty of the underwear.For example, black silk socks, sequins high -heeled shoes, etc., can add gorgeous elements to the shape of the sexy underwear.These auxiliary products not only make underwear more personalized, but also add feminine sexy during the wear process.

Wearing occasion

The choice of sexy underwear needs to be selected according to different wear occasions.If you walk on the street or wear everyday, simple and comfortable basic styles will be easier to be accepted.However, if it is a special occasion, such as a party or a nightclub, you can choose a more elegant and noble style, such as a tassel or decorative high -end beads to highlight your charm.


Size is a key part that requires special attention in the wearing of sexy underwear. Selection errors directly affect comfort and beauty.Therefore, when buying, you must first measure your size to avoid excessive or over loose conditions.Generally, women’s sexy underwear size is a size larger than the actual wearing habits, so as to avoid the embarrassment that does not match the size.


The last sexy underwear that suits you not only needs to pay attention to the material, color, style, transparency, auxiliary accessories, wear occasions and other factors, but also consider personalized needs.Different personality wearing, the final effect is very different.Therefore, you may wish to perform personalized treatment and matching according to your preferences and characteristics when buying, and show your most beautiful side.

The above is some good suggestions for women who are in sex underwear. I hope everyone can adopt reference.Finally, in summary, the key to choosing sexy underwear is to consider your own characteristics. It must have practicality and wearing comfort, but also personalized and beautiful.

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