What business license is needed for online shops to sell sexy underwear

What business license is needed for online shops to sell sexy underwear

In today’s society, sexy underwear has become a choice for more and more women.With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more merchants also sell sexy underwear through online stores.However, for merchants who want to open sex underwear online stores, business licenses are essential.This article will introduce to you what business licenses are needed for online stores to sell sexy underwear.

1. Food business license

Sex underwear is sometimes classified as sexual products. Therefore, some online stores sell sexy underwear to obtain food business licenses.The regulatory authorities in some places are classified as "adult health supplies", so different permits may be obtained.

2. Business legal person business license

If you plan to register your sexy lingerie online store as an independent legal entity, then you need to apply and obtain a business license for corporate legal person.This will prove that your company has become a legal entity, compliant operation, and can invest and invest in external operations.

3. Tax Registration Certificate

In this society, all companies need to register in the Taxation Bureau to obtain tax registration certificates.If you plan to sell sexy underwear, you also need to register tax and obtain the corresponding certificate.This will require you to apply and fill in some related materials to the local tax bureau.

4. Health permit

Because sexy underwear is exposed to human skin, in order to ensure the health and safety of the product, hygiene permits are required.Consult the relevant requirements of the local health department.

5. E -commerce business license

In China, if you sell goods online, you need to have an e -commerce business license.According to the "E -commerce Law", it aims to ensure the legitimate compliant operation of e -commerce.However, in some places, such as small and micro enterprises can not be subject to this request. For specific circumstances, please consult the local business bureau.

6. Brand registration certificate

If you plan to open a sexy underwear brand, you need to register the brand before the company is registered.Of course, if you just want to have a small online shop selling sexy underwear on the Internet, this one can be determined as needed.

7. Copyright Certificate

When designing sexy underwear, the design pattern, product details page and other related elements may be the exclusive property rights of your company.To ensure future legal issues, for this, you need to register the original sexy underwear elements and obtain the corresponding copyright certificate.

8. Trademark registration certificate

If you plan to register the sexy underwear brand as a trademark, you need to submit a trademark registration application before the company is established and wait for the issuance of the trademark registration certificate.The trademark registration certificate will protect your brand so that it will not be violated.


In this era, sexy underwear has become a popular product.If you are ready to sell sexy underwear, you need to prepare various business licenses.Although these requirements may be tedious, these certificates will ensure that when you sell sexy underwear in online stores, the products you operate are legal compliance, reliable quality, and novel design.If you can implement it in accordance with the prescribed process, you can not only ensure your legal compliance and property security, but also make your online store style more professional and reliable.

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