What does it mean for sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a special underwear used to enhance sexual experience. Its design style is very unique, focusing on sexy and teasing.You may have understood many different styles of sexy underwear, and each has its unique characteristics.In this article, we will introduce more knowledge in this regard by introducing several most popular sexy lingerie styles and significance.


One of the most common styles in sexy underwear is bra.They may have no beams and pads, or they are designed very thinly to emphasize your breasts.Its purpose is to show your body curve and enhance the sexy of the breast.For women who seek to be larger, we recommend trying some centralized and enhanced bra. These bras have more support and lines to help enhance the shape of the chest.

Lace skirt

Lace skirt is another common style of sexy underwear. It is very suitable for women who want to show their sexy figure.These styles are usually made of lace material. They can be worn with other underwear or individually to emphasize women’s legs and hip curves.If you want to be more sexy and tempting in bed, you can try not to wear pantyhose or choose meat -colored pantyhose.

G string pants

For those who want to try more provocative styles, we recommend trying G string pants.The characteristic of G string pants is that it almost does not cover your hips, making your waist and hips more exposed.These small underwear are welcomed because of their simple design, which can fully display your body.

Open crotch underwear

Although this fun underwear style may look like "jokes", in fact, its design can enhance the experience of sex.These underwear are characterized by them that they have a completely open crotch, so you can keep wearing underwear while making sex.Some open crotch underwear will be equipped with some special clips or other devices to enhance the stimulus.If you are looking for a really teasing sexy underwear, this may be a good choice.


Bid -bodies are a kind of tight -fitting corset, which are designed as highly shaping and tight.These underwear can be used to enhance the body curve and shape the body shape, and it can also make you feel more confident and sexy.The body is designed to imitate a "hourglass shape", which is the proportion of the finger and waist than the ratio of the hip.For women who want to shape their own shape, bumping clothes is a good choice.

Corset suite

The corset set includes matching bra and underwear. They have the same design and can be perfectly matched together.Some sets may include lace, texture or other design elements, which are designed to enhance the visual appeal of the entire set.These sets can be worn alone or with other sexy underwear, which is very versatile.


Net yarn is another common material of sexy underwear, which is characterized by them with socks, gloves or other accessories.These materials are very breathable and can show your skin and body shape.There are many types of mesh, from ultra -thin transparency to more exposed styles.Use it to make you a sexy queen in bed.

Genuine Leather

Although leather and sexy underwear is not everyone’s "vegetable", they can make you shine in bed.Because the leather material is more exciting than other materials, it is usually recommended to use it for role -playing or other special scenes.However, no matter what kind of leather sexy underwear you wear, you must ensure that they are suitable for your body and will not harm your skin or health.

Wedding sexy underwear

Why can only a bride wears a wedding dress?This is the concept of wedding sexy underwear.These underwear are usually made of silk, lace, pearl and yarn, which can add a romantic and warm taste to you.Whether it is a flower or pearl on the suspender or bra, these details can make you different.For women who want to experience more warm and intimate sexy underwear, wedding sexy underwear is a good choice.


Whether you make yourself more sexy or to enhance the experience of sex, sexy underwear can provide you with intimate help.Of course, it is very important to correctly choosing sexy underwear for your body and mental health.We strongly recommend that you carefully consider your needs and body shape, choose a sexy underwear that suits you, and enjoy the greatest sexy experience.

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