What does sexy underwear blood droplets mean

What does sexy underwear blood droplets mean

Blood droplets are a more special design in sexy underwear, and it is also a style that makes many novices and non -underwear people aggressive.So what exactly does the blood drip refer to?Let’s analyze them one by one.

What is a blood drip?

Blood droplets are a sexy underwear style. Usually refers to the rear beam (belt) underwear. Except that the hips are taller than ordinary underwear, the flesh on both sides is exposed to the outside.Blood Drop was originally a traditional lingerie, because its design often has a special irritation, so it is loved by many interesting enthusiasts.

Birth of blood droplets

The origin of blood droplets is divergent, and they are mentioned in different historical documents.There is a saying that the blood drip was created by the Qing Dynasty palace maid. They wanted to do their best for the emperor’s son, so they created this quite unique underwear style.There is also a saying that the blood drip was founded by a group of female revolutionaries in the late Qing Dynasty to oppose imperialism and feudal traditions, representing the spirit of women’s technology and free will.Regardless of its origin, blood droplets are still very popular in today’s sexy underwear market.

Why is it called Blood Drop?

There are different claim about the name of the blood drip.The most common explanation is because the design of the blood droplets is similar to the water droplets on the ground. It is usually dark tone such as red, black, and white. In Chinese culture, red symbolizes enthusiasm and love, and black symbolizes mystery and mystery.Temptation, these symbols are in line with the sexy characteristics of sexy underwear.At the same time, because the design of the blood drip itself is exposed to the flesh of the hips, the name "blood" is added to the name.

Blood Drop style

There are many styles of blood droplets, and there are many different choices from basic models to high -level styles.The easiest blood droplets are the basic styles that expose the large gluteal and hips to the outside. However, with the development of the market and people’s love of sexy underwear continuously, the style of the blood droplets will continue to innovate, such as the blood drip style will continue to innovate. For exampleAdded innovative design such as a penis tray to further strengthen the sexy and teasing of sexy underwear.

Who is suitable for wearing a blood drip?

Blood droplets are not only suitable for women with good figures. It is suitable for women in all forms, because what really makes sexy underwear sexy is the temperament and attitude of women, not just the figure.Therefore, whether you are a tall model or a plump curve beauty, you can experience the sexy sexy underwear when wearing a blood drop.

How to wear blood droplets?

For many novices, wearing blood droplets may be a bit challenging.First of all, choose a size suitable for your body, then put it on, and ensure the adaptability of the underwear by adjusting the belt, strap, etc.For better results, you can match some high heels and sexy socks to enhance the overall effect.

Which sexy underwear brands have blood droplets?

There are many sexy underwear brands on the market. There are blood droplets in the market, such as domestic brands such as silk treasures, creators, UDOs, and demon Ji, and foreign Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur and other brands, which can be based on their preferences and needsChoose the brand and style that suits you.

How to match the blood drops?

The combination of blood droplets can be selected according to personal style and needs.It can be paired with some sexy underwear such as lace, gauze, beads, etc. to enhance the overall sexy atmosphere.At the same time, cooperate with some noble and romantic sex accessories, such as necklaces and bracelets, can also add a lot to the overall shape.

in conclusion

As a special style of sexy underwear, Blood Drops have received the love and attention of more and more people in the market.However, whether you buy in the underwear shop or in an online store, you should choose the suitable size and style of your own, and follow the correct method of dressing to experience this unique sexy underwear.

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