What is the fabric of sexy underwear

What is the fabric of sexy underwear

Interest underwear not only needs to be sexy, but also requires comfort. It is also important that it must consist of a special fabric with breathability and flavor.This article will introduce the fabrics used in sexy underwear and the characteristics and advantages of these materials.

1. lace cloth

Lace is one of the most common materials in sexy underwear, which is very popular because of its softness, breathability and sexy.Lace is usually made of fiber such as silk and nylon.It has many designs, from lace to grids, so it can be applied to different erotic lingerie styles.

2. Silk cloth

Silk is a luxurious fabric, and its luster, softness and toughness are impeccable.This material is very popular in high -level sexy underwear because it can provide a beautiful appearance and touch.

3. Apostons fabric

The body is a synthetic material similar to rubber, which is very soft and anti -wrinkle and firm.Suslide is usually mixed into other materials to improve their telescope, which makes it a good choice for designing in -depth erotic underwear.

4. Cotton fabric

Cotton materials are one of the most commonly used materials in sex underwear.This material is soft, comfortable, breathable and economical, and is suitable for daily wear.

5. Satin cloth

Satin is usually made of enhanced silk, and it has a soft, smooth and comfortable touch like silk.This material is very matched with various designs of sexy underwear.

6. PU cloth fabric

This synthetic leather material is a common sexy underwear material.It is very soft, comfortable, easy to clean and maintain, and is easy to obtain.

7. Net fabric

The mesh fabric provides comfortable breathability and is one of the common materials of sex underwear.It is usually used in perspective design to enhance the sexy style of sexy underwear.

8. Leather cloth

Leather is a solid and durable fabric that is suitable for making sexy underwear with alternative style.The price of this material is high, considering maintenance and cleaning, it is not suitable for everyone.

9. Pearl cloth fabric

Beads are a common sexy underwear decorative material for decorating sexy underwear to make it more eye -catching.This material can be used for different types of sexy underwear design.

10. Polyester fiber material

Polyester fiber is a relatively common artificial fiber material, which has the characteristics of lightness, abrasion resistance and easy to clean.This material is widely used in sexy underwear production.


The choice of sexy underwear varies from person to person.It is best to choose a comfortable and soft material, and to conform to the personal style and lifestyle.When you look for sexy underwear, consider your personal preferences and body characteristics in order to find the most suitable sexy underwear.

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