What is the sexy underwear in AA cup

What is the sexy underwear in AA cup

1. Understand the AA cup

The AA cup is the smallest cup size in the Chinese size system, which generally corresponds to the A cup or A-cup in the international size system.The size of the AA cup is 65-67cm, which is relatively small. It is necessary to wear a sexy underwear with the correct size to create a sexy curve.

2. Style selection

AA cup women can choose the branches, front -buckled bra, chest stickers, lace vests and other styles in adult erotic underwear. Although these styles do not increase the capacity of the chest, they can effectively enhance the erectness of the chest.

3. Lace details

AA cup women can choose to have a sexy underwear with lace details. This sexy underwear can increase women’s sexy and charming sense, which causes male visual impact.

4. Breast enhancement pad

AA cup women can choose to add sexy underwear to add chest pads. This sexy underwear can make women fully full, thereby increasing the sexy effect.However, when choosing the sexy underwear of the chest pad, you must pay attention to the appropriate size. Do not choose too large or small breast enhancement pads.

5. Full cup style

In terms of style selection, women in AA cups can choose a full cup -type bra, and choose some more sexy and stylish styles in the design. This sexy underwear can completely wrap the chest to avoid glowing during the dressing process.Essence

6. Material selection

AA cup women should choose soft and comfortable materials to create a sexy curve.For example, the sexy underwear of cotton, silk, lace and other materials can make the skin better care and protect.

7. Color matching

Color matching is also crucial.AA cups can choose bright and bright colors to increase fashion and personality, such as pink, bright powder, light blue, light purple and other colors.

8. Size suitable

Don’t choose too much or too small sexy underwear, be sure to choose a suitable and comfortable size.Excessive underwear can make the chest relax and lack support, while too small underwear can cause discomfort and marks, affecting health.

9. pajamas matching

AA cup women can choose pajamas with the same style of sexy underwear style to match.This can make the whole style more harmonious, increase the sense of fashion of women, and make people shine.

10. Confidence

Whether wearing any sexy underwear, self -confidence is the most important.Women should have self -confidence and show their charm and personality in order to wear a sexy curve.The selected erotic underwear style and color should conform to their own personality, which is the most important.


When choosing a sexy underwear, women with AA cups should pay attention to details such as materials, styles, sizes, and colors in order to wear a sexy curve.But the most important thing is to have self -confidence and show your charm and personality, which is the most attractive.

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