What is the sexy underwear open?

What is the sexy underwear open?


Open -file sexy underwear is a very popular sexy underwear in the market. It is a specially designed underwear with unique features and characteristics.Its design is characterized by sexy, temptation and surprise, so it is welcomed by women and men.In this article, we will introduce the opening sexy underwear in detail from the types, characteristics and applications of underwear.

Types of underwear

There are many different types of sexy underwear.Among them, the more common ones are open crotch lingerie, open crotch skirt, open crotch beautiful leg socks, open crotch suspenders, etc.Each type of underwear has its own design characteristics, which can be selected according to personal taste and needs.


The biggest feature of the opening and sexy underwear is to incorporate a special highlight on the basis of sexy -opening design.The opening design not only effectively reduces the difficulty of removing or wearing underwear, but also makes the hot girls achieve the ultimate temptation effect.Of course, for lovers of fun life, the opening design makes sexual life more exciting and increasing unlimited interest.In addition, the fabrics of the open -stall underwear are mostly highly elastic fibers, which have good breathability, softness and elasticity, and they are very comfortable to wear.


The material of the sexy lingerie is very rich, including silk, lace, cotton and other fabrics. Among them, lace -based opening sexy underwear is more popular.The lace -up -based sexy underwear is retro and romantic, and it can better reflect the tenderness and high -level sense of women.When choosing, you must choose the appropriate fabric according to your personal physical characteristics and preferences, and you can achieve the best results during wearing.


Open sex underwear is suitable for many occasions, such as romantic couple interaction, theme party, etc., its sexy and temptation can make you the most dazzling focus on the party.Of course, in daily life, wearing open -stall sex underwear can also add a little mysterious atmosphere, making women more attractive.


The maintenance of sexy underwear is very, very important.It is recommended to wash it with a flowing water hand (do not use a brush). Do not use any cleaner or bleach, and mix the same color clothes.Avoid direct sunlight to avoid affecting the elasticity of the underwear and the quality of the fabric.

size selection

Size selection is a question that needs to be carefully considered to buy any clothes.For the opening and sexy underwear, the selection of size is also very important.It is best to measure your body before buying to avoid unable to wear or uncomfortable after purchasing.


Although it is very amazing to wear a sexy underwear, it also needs a suitable match.It can be paired with a short jacket or coat to ensure the texture and comfort of wearing clothes, and it can also make the opening and sexy underwear better showing its sexy temptation effect.


The price of sexy underwear varies from factors such as brands and materials, ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Generally speaking, the better the brand and fabric, the higher the price.It is recommended to fully consider your own budget when buying, and select the most cost -effective opening sexy underwear.

Point of view

In terms of generallands, the opening of sexy underwear is a very sexy, seductive underwear, and has become one of the necessary choices for many women and men’s daily life and fun life.When choosing and wearing, it is recommended to pay attention to the comfort of the fabric, the appropriateness of the size, and the degree of personalization of the match.Finally, choose the right style and style to achieve the best results.

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