What kind of psychology of girlfriend wants to buy sexy underwear


My girlfriend wants to buy fun underwear. This is a very common thing.But why do girlfriends want to buy sexy underwear?There may be a lot of psychology behind this.Let me reveal this mystery for you.

Beauty needs

Women also have a strong aesthetic needs.Interest underwear has a more special and sexy design, which can meet women’s needs for beauty.Therefore, some women want to try to wear sexy underwear to enhance their confidence and beauty.

Sexual needs

Another reason is the needs of sexual interest.For some couples, sexy underwear is a means to increase interest.Wearing erotic underwear can stimulate the visual experience of men, make sexual life more interesting, and even inject freshness into the relationship of sexual interest.

Emotional sublimation

In some occasions, wearing erotic underwear can make emotions more sublimated.For example, wearing collective activities such as party clothes and celebrations will make women more fashionable, bold and chic, and can make her feel her vitality.

Improve your cognition

Interest underwear can also help women know themselves more deeply and understand their physical and needs.For women who often complain about their self -confidence, after wearing sexy underwear, they can help them strengthen their awareness of themselves and face life with confidence.

Improvement of self -identity

For some adult women, buying sexy underwear and wearing sexy underwear can enhance their self -identity to a certain extent.It can prove that they have entered the ranks of adults and began to control their lives more autonomously.

The needs of liberating the soul

Some women choose to wear sexy underwear to release their hearts.The sexy and sloppy transmitted by sexy underwear can make women forget the trouble around them in a short period of time, and enjoy happiness and comfort.

Pursuing stimulus needs

For women who are bolder, who like to adventure and pursue stimuli, wearing sexy underwear can make them feel more intense excitement and joy, so they become one of their must -have.

Impact of the environment

Women’s personal background and environment will also affect the psychology of buying sexy underwear.For example, in some art industries or women who are more sensitive to fashion, buying sexy underwear is related to occupations.And Japanese ladies are purchased because it is a holiday, such as "White Valentine’s Day" and "Ping An Night" gifts.

Women’s demand for self -fulfilling and development

Women’s needs for self -fulfilling and development are also one of the reasons for buying sexy underwear.In this way, they pursue the perfection of the body, enhance the control of their own temperament, personality and other factors, and then make their lives more colorful.

in conclusion

Under different circumstances, women’s psychological factors have different psychological factors.Wearing sexy underwear can meet the needs of women’s beauty, aesthetics, and sexual interest. At the same time, it can also improve self -awareness and self -identification, which helps to release stress and create a better mood.Buying sexy underwear should be autonomous, because women should better grasp their own lives without being subject to external pressure and interference.Having a sexy underwear that belongs to its own can increase women’s confidence and charm.

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