What kind of sexy underwear is suitable for long legs

What kind of sexy underwear is suitable for long legs

1. Thingler trousers sexy underwear

The erotic underwear of the triangular pants is a good choice. They can highlight the sexy buttocks of women and enhance personal charm.When selecting the material, it is recommended to choose cotton or silk material that can be tightly attached to the body, which is more comfortable to wear.

2. Recommended wearing suspenders -style sexy underwear

Wearing a suspender -style erotic underwear can well modify the feminine shoulder and back lines, further enhance the proportion of the figure, and show the advantages of women’s sexy and charming.It is best to choose the style of adjustable shoulder straps, flexibly match different clothing to create a more sexy image.

3. Broad -side sex panties

Broad -side sex underwear has the effect of abdomen, and it can also effectively stretch the legs of the legs to highlight the long leg advantage of women.In color, you can choose a dark color system to further enhance the visual effect of underwear.

4. Closely wear T -shaped sex panties

T -shaped sexy underwear has a good tightening effect, which can effectively wrap the hips and make the body more prominent.Cleverly wearing T -shaped sexy underwear makes the curve of women look more slender and highlights the advantages of the figure.

5. Don’t miss the waist -shaped light and sexy underwear

Waist -shaped and sexy underwear has a very good effect on improving women’s waist lines. At the same time, it is very unique in abdominal treatment. It can play a role in abdomen. With suitable jackets, it increases self -confidence and charm.

6. Baby pants sexy underwear

The design of baby pants -type sexy underwear shows the advantages of full hips and muscle tightness. These factors can bring good reputation and repurchase rates for underwear, and can better modify women’s overall body proportions.

7. Back -up sexy underwear

Back -up love underwear is suitable for women who want to enhance sexy charm.Its special thing is that the back lines are designed and modified, which can highlight the sexy lines of women.At the same time, when choosing, you can choose sexy tailoring and style according to your body shape characteristics, highlight your own advantages.

8. Slim and sexy stockings

Stockings are very important auxiliary underwear single products. It is not only used as an element of external wear, but also plays an indispensable role in setting up the advantages of the body.Women of long -legged can choose slender and transparent, sexy and atmospheric styles, with various sexy underwear to show different styles.

9. Understand the figure and choose the corresponding style

Everyone’s body lines are different. Women should pay attention to understanding their own figure characteristics and choose a sexy lingerie style that suits their bodies.At the same time, you should also choose the size suitable for your body shape to wear more comfortable.

10. The overall shape should be concise and more delicate, and the exquisite is insufficient

In terms of the design of sexy underwear as a whole, the principle of simplicity and generosity should be used to avoid excessive fancy styles and materials, and to highlight the sexy charm of the figure.At the same time, it should not be too fancy, otherwise it is easy to cover your advantages.


In general, choosing a sexy underwear suitable for your body can give full play to your own advantages and highlight the sexy charm of women.At the same time, in terms of matching, the sun should also be transparent and generous, avoiding too fancy styles and too many decorations.Only by doing this can we truly wear the goal of long -legged women to wear more sexy underwear.

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