What posture is the most ecstatic in wearing sex underwear

What posture is the most ecstatic in wearing sex underwear

Falling underwear is a type of clothing that is generally dressed in special occasions such as sexy, sex.They are uniquely designed and are known for their outstanding sexy characteristics.Putting on a sexy lingerie can enhance women’s self -confidence, tease men’s emotional nerves, and make the life of husband and wife richer and enthusiastic.So, what posture is the most ecstatic when wearing sex underwear?In this article, we will explore the posture and skills of wearing sexy underwear.

1. Give your hands to comb your hair: The sexy arm and shoulder lines can be highlighted with the posture of raising your hair. During the sorting process, the atmosphere can become closer.

2. Back in: The design behind most sexy underwear is quite sexy, so the posture of the back is the most popular one when wearing sexy underwear.Back to the other half, while guiding the other party to unbutton the clothes, while using conversation to increase emotional communication.

3. Lie on your back: Wearing a sexy girl underwear and watching TV or chatting together on the bed, many men will have a wonderful sense of happiness.

4. Listing demonstration: If you want to add some special things to the wedding, you can form a queue demonstration in the community or in the park, or carefully create a small private party at home.Show your sexy.

5. Kneel crawling: If you are tired of ordinary sex, you might as well try some new postures under the sexy underwear.For example, kneel on the ground, slowly move in front of you, slowly sweep your skirt, and completely release a charming temptation.

6. Driving mode: If you like to play in the car, put on a sexy underwear, then drive to a gift shop or souvenir shop, lie on the back seat and wait for your heart to come, let the surprise breath cover the entire room of the roomEssence

7. Slotting passion: Use the posture of leaning to make you closer to your partner’s body, and then gently give him the gift in your pocket. This posture will definitely make your partner feel extremely surprised and surprised andhapiness.

8. Cross -legged: If you want to show your charming long legs and get more attention, try this sexy dressing method. When your legs crossLive want to approach and make an unexpected touch.

9. Installation: This is also a very challenging posture, but it not only enhances your gender attractiveness, but also exercise and maintain the softness of the body.

10. Sit and enjoy: If you don’t like too aggressive posture, then use sitting position, champagne, wearing sexy sexy underwear, and enjoying a comfortable atmosphere in leisurely.

In general, what posture is the most ecstatic in wearing sex underwear?The answer is that there is no standard answer, and everyone has different hobbies and needs.Try to create some unique skills and positions based on the preferences of your own and partners. This can not only add enthusiasm and emotions between husband and wife, but also make sexual life more colorful.

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