What qualification certificates do Taobao sex underwear needs

What qualification certificates do Taobao sex underwear needs

As the sex market market is getting bigger and bigger, sexy lingerie is highly sought after as one of them.However, does this fun and innovative industry need a special qualification certificate to sell on Taobao?This article will explain it in detail for you.

1. Taobao and sexy underwear sales licenses

As the largest e -commerce platform in China, Taobao does not require a sales license for selling in sex underwear.Any seller can sell sex products and related products on Taobao, including sexy underwear.However, any seller must comply with all provisions and laws and regulations on the Taobao platform.

2. Taobao cross -border e -commerce platform standard

Although there is no necessary business license in Mainland China, sellers must have a corresponding license or allowable certificate on Taobao’s cross -border e -commerce platform.This means that if you only sell products from Mainland China, there is no need to apply for any certificate or license.

Third, Taobao’s sexy underwear category

Taobao’s regulations are very strict, and the seller needs to classify correctly and put the product in the correct category for sale.If you sell sexy underwear on Taobao, you need to put it under the classification of sexy underwear.Otherwise, your product will be blocked or search engines cannot be detected.

Fourth, Taobao’s anti -tracking detection of sexy underwear

Taobao’s anti -tracking detection of sexy underwear is very strict.As long as you are not identified as a potential dangerous account by Taobao, you will not be limited.Otherwise, your account will be frozen or restricted.

5. The restrictions of "FDA" in the United States

If the sexy underwear you sell is imported to the United States through cross -border trade, you need to understand the relevant information about the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).FDA has a threshold for all imported products in terms of security.All related products need formal declaration and proof.

6. Some skills to sell sexy underwear on Taobao

When selling sexy underwear on Taobao, you need to make some improvements in product introduction.First of all, avoid the use of mournful languages, pay attention to marking the size and related parameters.Secondly, do not use sensitive vocabulary on the title and detailed page of the product, strictly abide by the requirements of the Taobao platform.

7. The advantages and disadvantages of their own website

If you have your own website and want to expand the sales of sexy underwear to the Internet, you need to consider setting up a company, registered trademarks, and applying for related drugs and cosmetics approval.However, this is a operating cost and a risk.

Eight, additional risk

Interest underwear is a sensitive product, and the risk also increases accordingly.If your product has hidden dangers or rare claims, consumers may compensate you.At the same time, it may also encounter a return on Taobao’s sexy underwear sales.

Viewpoint: To understand Taobao and local laws and regulations, you can open sex underwear product stores on Taobao.But if you want to expand the scope of sexy underwear sales, you need to consider other legal requirements.When formulating related sales plans and strategies, it is recommended to consider risks and avoid reasonable avoidance to ensure that your business has been developing for a long time.

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