What should I do if I get to the toilet in a sexy underwear

What should I do if I get to the toilet in a sexy underwear

In modern times, sexy underwear has been widely used in modern times, and various novel designs make it a fashion representative.Among them, even physical and sexy underwear can make women more sexy while maintaining warmth.However, many people will have a worry, what should I do if I put on the toilet and go to the toilet after wearing a sexy underwear?In the following article, we will answer this doubt for you.

1. The characteristics of even body fun underwear

Even physical underwear is a kind of tight underwear. Unlike ordinary underwear, it connects the upper body and the lower body, usually a whole set of clothes.Common conjoined sexy underwear has pajamas style and swimsuit style.Its design is characterized by integrating tops and pants together to form the entire clothing.Even the simplest style, it has a high degree of fit for the body.

2. The choice of physical erotic underwear

When choosing a body -made underwear, you must pay attention to the choice of size.Because even the physical and sexy underwear must be tight, but also to maintain a neat effect, a little or smaller will make you feel uncomfortable.When choosing a physical and sexy underwear, you can refer to the size of the body and measure the size of the body. In this way, you can buy a more physical erotic underwear that is suitable for you, so as to ensure that there is no difficulty during use.

3. What should I do when I go to the toilet

After wearing a fun underwear, you will find it difficult to go to the toilet naturally, so we need to know how to use it correctly.First of all, before going to the toilet, we recommend loosening the bottom of the sexy underwear, which will make you comfortable and reduce part of the difficulty.Then move the upper part of the sexy underwear to the waist and keep it on the waist, so as to avoid being caught in the underwear and it is difficult to extricate themselves.After using the bathroom, the erotic underwear is gathered again and wear it in the original way.

4. Even the storage of physical erotic underwear

Even the storage of physical sex underwear needs to be careful.Do not pull it when dealing with sexy underwear, and do not squeeze it, because these will cause him to be damaged.If you have multiple sets of sexy underwear, it is recommended to separate it with a hanger, so as to avoid wrinkles and damage, and at the same time you can find the underwear you need more easily.

5. Common errors of body fun underwear

If you wear a toilet in a sexy underwear, do not force it forcibly to avoid damaging the seams.Of course, when using the toilet, it will also make the sexy underwear more durable according to the correct method of use, and there will be no unexpected tear or internal line heads.

6. How to re -wear after going to the toilet

After finishing the toilet, pay attention when wearing sexy underwear again. Be sure to take back the lower part and confirm that it has not twisted or concluded.If you find anything wrong with it, gradually adjust and pull it away to ensure the maximum fit performance.

7. Even the cleaning and maintenance of the sexy underwear

For the conjoined erotic lingerie, cleaning and maintenance after each wear.It should be noted that you should not wash your own sexy underwear with other clothes, because they may be deformed or damaged slightly.Handmade cleaning is a very good choice that can ensure that the structure of the sexy underwear is complete, and it can maintain its original color and texture.If you use machine washing, select a gentle mode and pay attention to the use of neutral cleaner and maintenance agent.

8. Conclusion

Even physical and sexy underwear is a sexy and stylish underwear, but it may be a bit uncomfortable for those who wear it for the first time.When going to the toilet, you must follow the correct way of use so that you can avoid difficulty or damage.In terms of cleaning and maintenance, we must pay special attention to avoid damage and color changes.

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