What should I do if we wear sex underwear to meet the same table

How to wear sexy underwear is a question of many women’s attention. If you meet the same table while wearing sexy underwear, what do you do?This article will provide you with some solutions.

1. High self -confidence

The most important thing when wearing sex underwear is self -confidence.If you feel that you are very sexy and show, it will be difficult to find your uncomfortable at the same table.In addition, if he starts to notice your dress, you can keep smiling and treat naturally.

2. Focus on work

If you are uncomfortable, you may focus on your own wear, which will easily interfere with work.Therefore, let yourself focus on work and don’t care about other things around.

3. Avoid excessive exposure

It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, because you need to avoid excessive exposure and cause unnecessary trouble.Choose a chic and charm underwear, show yourself moderately, and make yourself feel comfortable.

4. Don’t water too much water

Some sexy underwear looks beautiful, but wearing in work may be too exaggerated.For example, some underwear may have many lace, decorations, etc. These are easy to attract the attention of others. If you wear these underwear, you must pay attention to controlling them within the appropriate range.

5. Try not to flip the clothing

If you feel that the sexy underwear is a bit too exposed, you can avoid wearing too turning clothes at work.Physical activity is not only easy to cause unnecessary interference to the same table, but also easy to make the naked parts more prominent.

6. Follow the response of the people around

Pay attention to observing whether the people around you notice your wear. If you feel that they are very interested in you, you should consider changing your posture or covering some sensitive parts.

7. Plan your own dress in advance

Wearing sexy underwear to work places may require more thinking and planning to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.It is a good choice to choose appropriate clothes, some simple and elegant decorations or conventional earrings.

8. Unexpected things

Even if you are very careful, you will always encounter unexpected things.For example, you may wear sexy underwear, get off the heels when walking, or find some sensitive parts when you clean up at the same table.At this time, it should be kept balanced and recovered when possible.


Wearing erotic underwear is a challenge, and more thinking and planning requires unnecessary embarrassment.If you have realized this problem, don’t worry too much, the above suggestions can help you spend this difficulty.The most important thing is to maintain self -confidence and concentrate on work.

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