What should I pay attention to when wearing sex underwear


In recent years, fun underwear, as an emerging fashion trend, has become more and more popular with women.However, you need to pay attention to some details when wearing sexy underwear to achieve the beautiful and elegant effect.This article will provide female friends with some tips and precautions to wear sexy underwear.

Size selection should be appropriate

When choosing sexy underwear, women must pay attention to the selection of size.Choosing too large or too small size will adversely affect the body.It will look bloated when it is old, and it is inconvenient to hold your body and walk.Therefore, you must choose the appropriate size according to your own body to make yourself more comfortable and natural.

Color matching

When choosing a sexy underwear, the color matching is also very important.Light -colored erotic underwear is very suitable for fair women, while dark colors are more suitable for women with darker skin tone.In addition, choose the color of the underwear according to the color and style of your clothes.In this way, the color of the underwear can be more colorful and complement the clothes and skin.

Select the style to match your own figure

Different types of sexy lingerie styles are suitable for women with different figures.For example, women with full breasts are suitable for choosing bras with steel rings and coasters, which can effectively enhance the appearance of the chest.For women with flat breasts, choosing bras with lace and fold decoration can create a romantic and beautiful atmosphere.

Underwear style choices need to match occasions

The sexy underwear that needs to be worn in different occasions is also different.For example, to participate in formal occasions, wearing a graceful and generous underwear can show the temperament and charm of women.To participate in a lively party or nightclub, you can choose some sexy and hot sexy underwear to create a different atmosphere.

Pay attention to cleaning

After wearing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to timely cleaning to avoid bacteria breeding, affecting health and hygiene.However, the material of sexy underwear is often softer and sensitive, so you need to choose a specialized cleaning agent or washed to clean it.In addition, it should be noted that when cleaning, it should not be too hard to avoid damaging the material of the underwear.

It is appropriate to wear

When wearing a sexy underwear, be sure to choose a suitable and comfortable underwear.After all, a comfortable dressing experience can make women more confident and natural.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, we must not only consider styles and colors such as styles and color, but also pay attention to the comfort of underwear.

Matching should be reasonable

In addition to the choice of sex underwear, it also needs to be paired with other clothing to achieve better results.For example, when wearing a sexy sexy underwear, you can use a loose coat to cover the curve of a part of the body to create a mysterious feeling.In addition, you can also choose the right shoes and jewelry with sexy underwear to achieve the perfect overall effect.

details make a difference

Many times when wearing sexy underwear, sometimes only details can determine the success or failure of a person.For example, the width and material of the shoulder strap when wearing a sexy underwear can have a certain impact on the figure.There are also posture and temperament when wearing sexy underwear. These are the key elements that determine whether a person is successful in sexy underwear.

Underwear brand selection

When buying sexy underwear, it is also very important for brand choices.You must choose a formal and credible brand so that you are not only more comfortable to wear sexy underwear, but also to avoid some unnecessary health problems.In addition, you can also choose some brands with innovative design and fashion trends to enhance your fashion taste.


In short, you need to pay attention to many details when wearing sexy underwear. You must not only choose the suitable style and color of your own, but also pay attention to the comfort of matching and underwear.Only by starting from these aspects can we wear sexy underwear more beautiful and touching.

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