What to do if my girlfriend dislikes myself

Introduction to the problem

As one of the necessary tools for sexy underwear to improve fun, in modern society, it has become more and more popular.But many girls do not like sexy underwear. They think this is an unhealthy and not acceptable thing.Therefore, if your girlfriend is also disgusted with sexy underwear, what should you do?

Understand the cause

First of all, understand why she doesn’t like sexy underwear, which is the first step in solving the problem.Some people may be difficult for them to accept sexy underwear due to the impact of cultural background or family environment.For this point, you need to communicate patiently and try to gradually change her views on the premise of respecting the other’s opinions.

Find a substitute

Secondly, you can consider providing alternatives to her without letting her feel uncomfortable.There are some non -interesting underwear and sexy effects, such as lace, silk and other materials. You can consider buying these styles that are closer to her aesthetic.At the same time, you can also find more modest styles from design.

Relieve anxiety

Interest underwear may cause a certain degree of anxiety when used.Then you can tell her some precautions before use, such as the quality of materials, cleaning methods, etc., to reduce her psychological burden as much as possible.In this process, your careful care is also very important, so as to relieve her anxiety.

Understand sex culture

In addition, sexy underwear, as a product of sex culture, understanding more sex culture may also be the key to solving problems.In this way, she can help her understand and accept the existence of sexy underwear and the role of sexy underwear.

Respect her choice

If your girlfriend is still disgusted with sexy underwear after many communication and attempts, then you need to respect her choice and accept this fact.After all, fun underwear is not a necessary existence. If she can still live happily with you, then there is no need to be too tangled on this issue.

Maintain respect and love

The important thing is that in this process, respect and love between the two sides need to be maintained.Pay attention to tone and wording when communicating, and do not hurt each other’s feelings.At the same time, you can strengthen the emotional connection between each other through other ways, such as watching movies, traveling, playing games, etc., so that the emotions between each other are more tacit and understanding.

Discuss expectations

At the same time, you can discuss each other’s expectations with your girlfriend.If you think that sexy underwear plays an important role in sex, you can explain your thoughts with her, but don’t force her to accept your point of view.And she may want you to make some efforts to make her satisfied in other aspects, such as paying attention to family and love.After understanding each other’s expectations, try to meet the needs of each other.


In the end, not all girls can accept sex underwear from the beginning.But under your patience or other ways, they may gradually accept this existence.Human concepts can change over time and experience. Therefore, give the other party more time and opportunities, I believe she will become more open.

in conclusion

The problem of girlfriends can be resolved.Respect her choice, the two sides maintain respect and love, find out the way suitable for each other, and believe that this problem will not become a stumbling block between you.

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