What will happen to the swimsuit when we wear sexy lingerie

What will happen to the swimsuit when we wear sexy lingerie


Sex underwear is made to increase the fun of sex activities. It is usually made of some more sexy materials or fabrics. It can contain thongs, lace underwear, transparent underwear, and so on.However, some women are not confident enough. After getting up, they will choose to wear a swimsuit because it can show their figure and make them feel more confident.


The appearance of swimwear and sexy underwear is very similar.For example, lace, transparent fabrics and deep V -necklines will be used.Their colors and styles are also very similar, from black, red, pink, gold to silver, different shapes, and materials.

More comfortable

The lining of the swimsuit is thick and comfortable, which can improve women’s lower body lines, and also reduces some concerns, such as accidentally leaking the bottom of the sexy underwear.Wearing swimwear will be more natural and comfortable. In contrast, sexy underwear may limit activities and be more picky.

Increased self-confidence

Wearing swimwear will make some women feel more confident.Because it is designed to show figures, and sexy underwear is designed for sex.The style and color of the swimsuit also meet the aesthetic standards of women, which makes women feel confident and improve their charm.

Lack of some functions

Although the swimsuit is very convenient, some fun underwear has the functions of the lingerie still.For example, sexy underwear can play a variety of roles in the process of sex, increasing the fun of sex.The lack of these functions in the swimsuit can only show the figure and cannot meet the needs of women in sex.

Note on the occasion

Pay attention to the occasion when wearing swimwear as a sexy underwear.For example, in sex, swimsuits may not be sexy or comfortable, and in swimming or daily life, sexy underwear is not suitable.Therefore, when choosing to wear, you need to pay attention to the choice of different occasions to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Limited body type

Compared to sexy underwear, the style and material of the swimsuit are more abundant and more suitable for different body types. Therefore, women can choose a swimsuit that suits them more freely.At the same time, the fabric of the swimsuit is more comfortable and fit than sex underwear, which is not easy to cause itching and discomfort in the skin.

Putting points

If women want to achieve sexy effects by wearing swimwear as sexy underwear, they need to pay attention to some points of matching.For example, choose a swimsuit suitable for your body, and do not wear too much exposure, otherwise it will break the overall effect.At the same time, choosing accessories and cosmetics is also important, which can increase the overall visual effect.

Suitable for specific character

Wearing swimwear as sexy underwear is not suitable for all women, because many women are full of doubt and discomfort about this.Generally speaking, wearing a swimsuit combining the effect of sexy underwear with daily life is more suitable for women who are outgoing, optimistic and confident.Women who are introverted, shy, and restrained are not suitable.

in conclusion

The swimsuit can be used as a substitute for sexy underwear, but wearing swimwear should be carefully considered as sexy underwear, because the occasion and personality will affect the effect.In addition, although swimwear has its advantages, it does not replace the emotional experience and benefits brought by sexy underwear.

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