Where can I sell sexy jackets in Beijing

Where can I sell sexy jackets in Beijing

In recent years, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of sex life.In Beijing, there are many sales channels for sexy underwear, and there are many sellers from online to offline.So, where can I sell sexy underwear in Beijing?This article will introduce you.

1. Adult mall

Adult malls usually have a closed display area for customers to browse underwear.These malls are rich in underwear, including various styles of underwear, props, and smoothing agents.When buying sexy underwear in these malls, you can get the opportunity to try on the scene to ensure that the items you buy meet your needs.

2. Sex products store

Sex products stores are usually located in relatively remote places. The decoration is luxurious and the environment is quiet and warm.The types of sexy underwear in the store will be more diverse than the adult mall, and there are professional shopping consultants to help you to avoid dissatisfaction due to wrong purchase errors.

3. Online shopping platform

With the popularity of the Internet, more and more users choose to buy sexy underwear on the Internet.On e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, JD, Vipshop, and other e -commerce platforms, sexy underwear is an independent sales classification, convenient price, rich graphics, free choice of underwear you like, and can be more able to have more shooting angle, color and size aspects, etc.Understand in detail.

4. Sexual parties

The sex party is to invite friends from different types of friends to meet, and at the same time given to taste drinks, props and other methods, the scenes and content are more closer.There are a variety of erotic supplies on the party, and the charm of infinite sexy underwear is naturally indispensable.

5. 24 -hour self -service express cabinet

The 24 -hour self -courier cabinet, as a new way of shopping, is a more convenient and hidden choice for consumers.This way of shopping is also suitable for sexy underwear. Consumers do not have to face the embarrassing situation of the physical store. You only need to specify the courier cabinet in the place where you live or work, and then you can receive the products you need.

6. Toy Store

Toy stores mainly operate children’s toys, but in some large shopping malls, there will be adult toy areas hidden in the corner.Toy stores are also a good shopping choice for these stores, but for consumer groups that focus on privacy.

7. Tmall flagship store

As a leading company in the field of shopping e -commerce, Tmall flagship store has a rich type of sexy underwear, quality assurance, and perfect services.Shopping also supports seven days without reason to return, making the online shopping experience easier and easier.

8. Second -hand platform

For some people who are not too strong, second -hand platforms are also one of the choices for buying sexy underwear.Many consumer authors have idle and sexy underwear for sale in platforms such as going around and leisure fish.Although these underwear are second -hand, they are guaranteed in washing and maintenance, and the price is much lower than on the giant platform.

9. Private formulation

For some unique size requirements or unique tastes, it is a good choice tailor -made sexy underwear.The craftsman who grew up on the land of the motherland is actually personalized customized and timely choice, showing his personality and aesthetics.

10. Hotel gift shop

With the continuous expansion of the tourists, the business scope of hotel gift shops is also undergoing subtle changes.At present, many star -rated hotels also have full -variety of sexy underwear.Buying in such scenarios will be more secretive and closed, suitable for customers with strong privacy.

The above is the introduction where there are sexy underwear in Beijing.As for which one consumers choose, they must choose a channel that is more suitable for them according to their actual situation.

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