Where is the sex underwear selling

Where is the sexy underwear selling?

Sexy underwear is a sexy and private underwear, so many people don’t know where to buy.The following are several common purchases:

Online store

Many sexy underwear brands have opened online stores, such as Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur.On these websites, you can browse sexy underwear in different styles and buy online.This way of buying is very convenient, and you don’t have to expose your purchase behavior.

Sex store

If you want to try to wear sexy underwear in person and get professional advice, then the sex store is a good choice.These stores usually have professional salesperson, which can help you find the sexy underwear that suits you best.In addition, you can see real products in the store to avoid surprise.

Offline department store

Some high -end department stores also have fun underwear sales counters.This method of buying may be more private than the sex store.You can go directly to the sales counter to buy or try to penetrate the appropriate sexy underwear under the guidance of the clerk.However, this purchase method may be higher.

Fashion show

Some high -level sexy underwear brands will show their works in the fashion show, and different brands will be displayed in different places.If you are interested in the interesting underwear of a specific brand, then you can go to the brand’s official website or social media to obtain the displayed date and venue information.

Personal customization

If you want a very personalized sexy underwear, you can choose personal customization.Such businesses can customize a sexy underwear that is exclusive to you according to your requirements.This method of buying may be higher than other methods, but you will have a unique work.

What you need to consider when you decide to decide

Before buying a sexy underwear, we need to consider the following questions:

Size determination

The correct size is very important for any clothing, and sexy underwear is no exception.Please measure your size, or ask the salesperson to ask the correct size.

Balance between comfort and sexuality

Although sexy underwear is a very sexy underwear, we also need to consider whether it is comfortable.Different brands and materials will affect the balance between comfort and sexy, so please think about it before buying.

Brand and budget

Different brands and different materials of sexy underwear are different. Please consider your budget and your brand preferences before buying.Choosing a suitable brand and budget is also a good purchase experience.


Interest underwear is a very private underwear. It is very important to choose a way to buy it.Different purchase methods have different advantages and disadvantages. Please consider your needs and budgets before buying, and make the best choices based on your actual situation.

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