Which country of sexy underwear sells well


With the improvement of people’s living standards, sexy underwear is no longer a taboo of traditional culture.More and more people buy sexy underwear in order to increase life fun and sexual blessing.And what is the current sales of the global sexy underwear market?Which country sells well?Let’s find out below.

The United States -get rid of the pioneer of taboos

Americans are keen to try new things, and sexy underwear is one of them.In addition, US laws and regulations are not limited to selling sexy underwear, so the sexy underwear market in the United States is relatively mature.Some large -scale sex shops are widely existing all over the United States and have good sales.

Japan -the country that serves the supremacy

Japan has always paid attention to services, and the sexy underwear industry is no exception.Customers who buy sexy underwear can try on the store and get professional consultation and suggestions, which greatly increases customers’ desire to buy.In Japan, the design of sexy underwear is also very distinctive, and it is more in line with the figure of Asian women.

Italy -Design exquisite representative

Italy’s fashion industry and tailoring technology have always been famous in the world, and sexy underwear is no exception.Italy’s sexy underwear is exquisitely designed, fabrics are sophisticated, and the craftsmanship is particularly loved by female consumers.Many sexy underwear brands have been founded or established in Italy.

France -Sexy representative

As a fashion capital, France is of course indispensable for sexy underwear.French erotic underwear is more focused on sexy and romantic, which has a great relationship with the French who love romance and enthusiastic entertainment.French erotic underwear is not only favored by French women, but also sought after women around the world.

China -market potential is huge

With the development of economic development, China’s sexy underwear market potential is gradually being displayed.China’s sexy underwear brands are constantly emerging, and design has also paid more and more attention to innovation and fashion, and is popular with young people.Although sales are restricted in some places, the market is growing across the country.

Australia -open attitude

Australia is an open and inclusive country, and there is no clear restriction on the sales of sexy underwear.In Australia, sexy underwear sales are mainly concentrated on the Internet, which also provides consumers with a more convenient and fast way to buy.The characteristics of Australian sexy underwear are sexy, suitable for women with confidence and sexy charm.

Singapore -standardized and strict

Although Singapore has restrictions on sexy underwear sales, sales are still legal.Sex underwear is mainly sold in Singapore in adult stores and needs to comply with specific regulations.Singapore’s sexy underwear is mainly sexy, with simple and generous styles, and is very popular among petty women’s groups.

Germany -The representative of the delicate taste

Germany’s sexy underwear has always been characterized by exquisite quality and sophisticated.In Germany, selling sexy underwear needs to follow specific regulations, which also protects consumers’ rights.German sexy underwear pays more attention to comfort and quality, rather than emphasizing sexy.

UK -Luxury and sexy coexist

British erotic underwear combines luxury and sexy elements, full of unique British style.Among them, the British brand is more well -known, and the sales situation is relatively good.In the UK, the channels for buying sexy underwear are relatively diverse, and consumers can buy them in major shopping malls, online stores and other places.

Canada -potential is being released

Although Canada’s sexy underwear market is relatively lagging, there are still a large number of brands and merchants.The country has gradually got rid of the taboos of sexy underwear sales, and in some provinces have also begun to relax sales restrictions.Canadian sexy underwear is mainly simple and fashionable, and is a brand suitable for daily wear.


In general, the sales of the sex underwear market in the world have their own sales conditions, and there are also differences in sales focus in different countries and regions.However, no matter how the market changes, it is still essential to pay attention to women’s comfort and personalization when designing sexy underwear.In the future, the sexy underwear market will be more diversified.

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