Which movie is interesting sheets

Which movie is interesting sheets

As a unique clothing, sexy underwear has been widely used by film and television works.The sexy underwear appeared in the film is not only to sell the body beauty, but also carries the development of the emotion or plot.Let’s take a look at the appearance of the sexy underwear in which movie.

1. "Toy Story 3"

In this cartoon describing the memories of childhood, the actor’s girlfriend gave him a set of rabbit girl sexy underwear as a birthday gift, showing the love line of the character.

2. "Deadly Women’s Heart"

This film tells the entanglement between a killer and a wife. In the scene of the two men’s bed scenes, the heroine wears sexy black sex underwear, adding a lot to the film.

3. "Crazy City"

A bed scene in this movie can be said to be unforgettable. Among them, the heroine wore a white lace sexy underwear, which mobilized the sexual desire of the actor and the audience.

Fourth, "Become Jane Austen"

In this feminist film, the heroine Liberal Katvis appeared in a set of noble rabbit female Lang’s sexy underwear, emphasizing her independence and straightforward personality.

5. "Deadly Magic"

In this mysterious magic movie, a corner of the heroine has a deep orange -colored sexy underwear that has successfully created the sexy and mysterious of that era.

6. "Sophie’s Selection"

It tells the encounter of a Polish Jewish family in the background of World War II. The protagonist Sophie in the film wearing a black multi -film sexy underwear, while creating Sophie’s sexy charm, shows her strength and independence.

7. "Who can foresee"

This love movie takes time as the line. It tells the leap between the two protagonists with strong feelings between different time and space. The heroine wore a lace sexy underwear in the bed scene lens in whichEssence

8. "Deadly Fairy"

This is a sexy suspense thriller. Among them, the heroine wore a fiery red erotic underwear at a STP auto show, successfully attracted the attention of the audience, and added interest to the film.

The above is in recent years, which movie has the matching of the erotic underwear.As a high -plastic costume, the appearance of sexy underwear can not only add the emotional or plot development of the film, but also add a lot of color to the character characteristics and emotional lines of the character.

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