Why are sexy underwear average

Why are sexy underwear average

When buying sexy underwear, we often find that they are all average, and they have various sizes to choose from as other clothing.Why does sex underwear adopt this practice?Let’s take a look.

Paragraph: The nature and purpose of sexy underwear (H2)

Interest underwear is a special underwear. Its main function is to enhance the pleasure in the process of sex and tease the love of the other party.Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear usually has smoother lines, more free colors and more explicit design.Its nature and use means that the way to buy sex underwear needs to be different.

Section 2: Sales mode and scope of sexy underwear (H2)

The sales model of sexy underwear usually has some methods that are different from other clothing.They are usually sold only in special sales channels such as adult products and some sex cities, rather than in ordinary shopping malls or supermarkets.In addition, because of sex, the sales of sexy underwear are often limited to some specific sales points.

3rd paragraph: the advantage of the average code (H2)

Different from other clothes, it is usually average in sex underwear sales.The average code means that this underwear has only one size, and generally suitable figures are more common.There are many benefits of the design in the sexy underwear: First of all, it allows sellers to facilitate the choice between management inventory and different styles; second, it can easily meet the purchase needs of most people.In addition, the material of sexy underwear is generally softer and suitable for telescopic, so the average code style can basically be comfortable.

Fourth paragraph: the disadvantage of the average code (H2)

Although the average code has many advantages in the sales of sexy underwear, its disadvantages are also very obvious.First of all, the average code does not consider individual differences well, so there may be a tight or loose situation; second, because most of the sexy underwear only provides the average code, for some people with special figures, want to find the interests that meet their figure in accordance with their figure.Underwear will look very difficult.

Paragraph 5: How to adapt to the average code (H2)

Faced with the restrictions on the size, there are some ways to help people better adapt to it.First of all, buyers can judge whether the sexy underwear is appropriate through trial, so that the problem of inconsistency of the size can be solved; second, the buyer can find some softer and more expansion of sexy underwear, so as to ensure the comfort of the average sexy underwear.And adaptability.

Paragraph 6: Style and Design of Sex Underwear (H2)

The style and design of sexy underwear can be said to be very colorful.From the sexy three -point style to the tempting lace underwear, to the functional role -playing equipment, each design of the sexy underwear is designed to meet the needs and desires of consumers.And this also means that in the design of sexy underwear, the average method is more likely to meet the needs of most consumers.

Seventh paragraph: Whether the average code can meet the market (H2)

Although the average code is more convenient than other sizes, we still need to consider whether it can meet the needs of consumers in the market.In fact, as people’s understanding and demand for sexy underwear have continued to increase, some brands in the market have begun to provide multiple sizes to meet consumer needs of different figures.

Paragraph eighth: conclusion (H2)

There are many advantages and limitations for the sales of sexy underwear, but for ordinary consumers, it needs to be tested in practice.However, with the growth of market and consumer demand, we have reason to believe that in the near future, the size adaptation of better sexy underwear will continue to emerge.

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