Why do husbands buy interesting utensils

Introduction: Customers are God

When shopping, consumers’ demand is diverse, and different people’s demand for the same product is also different.We often hear women’s purchases for sexy underwear, but now more and more men have begun to understand the erotic underwear and start buying.So, why do my husband buy sexy underwear?

Sexy Stimulation: Stimulation of vision, imagination, emotion and physiological reactions

Women wearing sexy underwear can increase their self -confidence and charm, so as to better connect with their love feelings.Similarly, when men wear sexy sexy underwear, they can further stimulate their sexual desire and control, making them more willing to participate in the process of sex.Sexual feelings stimulate men’s vision, imagination, emotion, and physiological reactions to enhance the desires of both sides.

Physical comfort: a better experience, a longer -lasting sex process

For women, it is particularly important to wear suitable sexy underwear.A suitable erotic underwear can enhance the comfort of women, so that it can easily enjoy the process of sex.Similarly, if men’s wearables are suitable for sexy underwear, they can increase the time of physiological reactions, prolong the process of sex, and obtain a better physical comfort, thereby further stimulating sexual desire.

Innovative design: accept more and more men

The innovative design of sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular with men.In the past, men wearing sexy underwear may be ridiculed and incomprehensible by others, but now with the gradual popularization of sexy underwear, more and more men have begun to accept the concept of sexy underwear.And this acceptance of sexy underwear also provides more choices for men.

Hobbies: Some men like to express themselves

For some men, wearing erotic underwear can make them express themselves.Some men are more confident in their bodies, appearance and sexuality. They increase their self -confidence and get more satisfaction by wearing sexy underwear, so that they feel more confident.

Happy joke: make sex more interesting

Sexy underwear can also participate in the process of sex as a joke.Men can sell their humor and charm by putting on a variety of fun erotic lingerie, thereby increasing the fun of sex.The laughter and happiness in the process of sex can also increase the tacit understanding and emotional connection between the two parties.

Understand each other: Understand the needs of the other party

Sometimes, her husband buys sexy underwear to better understand his partner and meet their needs for sex.Her husband’s carefully selected erotic underwear can make women feel his understanding and care, and further increase the interaction experience of both parties.

Interesting game: Interaction to increase interest

In addition to the interaction of relationships in the process of sex, sexy underwear can also be used in sex games.Between couples can participate in interesting sex games through wearing sexy underwear, increase the fun of interaction, and further strengthen the emotional connection between each other.

Self -expression: Show the sexy charm of men

In some special occasions, men wearing sexy sexy underwear can show their sexy charm.For example, Valentine’s Day and Birthday, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can increase the festive atmosphere and better express your sexy charm.

Marriage life: surprise and passion to spouse

With the progress of marriage, the sexual life between husband and wife also needs to be gradually upgraded, and sexy underwear can help this process.For couples who have already been used to the visuals and somatoscopy between each other, trying to wear sexy underwear is a very good choice, which can not only bring surprises and passion, but also increase the emotional contact and tacit understanding of each other.

Viewpoint: Interesting underwear can enhance intimate relationships

The above is my answer to the question "Why do husbands buy a sexy underwear".All in all, both women or men can increase self -confidence through wearing sexy underwear, stimulate a physiological reaction, increase physical comfort and desire, and make the sex process more pleasant and surprising.Sexy underwear can also enhance the intimate relationship between husband and wife, increase tacit understanding and emotional connection, which may be one of the important reasons for men to buy sexy underwear.

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