Why is the physical store that is not interesting underwear

Why is the physical store that is not interesting underwear

With the progress of society and the opening of people’s concepts, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention as a product.However, many people will find that it is difficult to find sexy underwear in physical stores. Why?This article will discuss this and put forward some possible solutions.

1. The constraints of sexual concepts

For some traditional physical store owners, sex is a more sensitive topic.This also caused them to worry about the choice of products, and dare not involve sensitive topics such as sex.In this case, the direct and sexual -related products such as sexy underwear are difficult to get the recognition of the physical store owner.

2. Uncertainty of demand

Compared with traditional underwear, the demand for sexy underwear is relatively small, so it may not be cost -effective to sell in physical stores.The physical store owner decides which products to introduce, and often decide according to the expectations of sales, so the demand for sex underwear is extremely uncertain, which is also a reason to restrict sex underwear towards physical stores.

3. The embarrassment of buying

For some more conservatives, entering a physical store to buy sexy underwear will make them embarrassed and embarrassing.They do not want to be regarded by others as some prostitution, or the degree of openness in personality by others.Therefore, many people feel that the process of buying sensitive items such as sexy underwear is very embarrassing, so they are more willing to buy online.

4. After -sales service

Because sexy underwear is different from traditional underwear, it is necessary to have more professionalism in front -sale and after -sales service.This also provides a cost -effective service difficulty for the physical store owner.On e -commerce platforms, such costs can be greatly reduced. Therefore, many businesses choose to put sex underwear on the e -commerce platform for sale.

5. Not enough performance

Compared with the characteristics and nature of sexy underwear, many physical stores may not be able to show the characteristics of sexy underwear.For example, sexy underwear may require complex display methods such as a model, skin skin, and this display is difficult to achieve in physical stores. Therefore, many merchants are more willing to focus on some more likely displayed products.

6. The restrictions that are not needed

Some places may have some restrictions on sexy underwear, such as prohibiting selling sexy underwear in the urban commercial district.This restriction is also a reason to restrict the sales of sexy underwear in physical stores.In this case, sexy underwear merchants can choose to open sales stores outside the city business district, but this also brings expenses and operations.

7. The price is unfair

Interest underwear has different styles and materials, so the price is also different.However, few people buy sexy underwear in batches, and they are more inclined to buy items, so the unit price of this part of the product is high.This also means that the cost of selling such products in physical stores is relatively high and the profit margin is relatively small.

8. Rise of online sales

With the advancement of technology, people’s shopping methods have also changed.The Internet has become a preferred, as is sexy underwear.Selling sexy underwear on the Internet can avoid many tedious pre -sales and after -sales service, such as trials.Therefore, more merchants choose to sell on the Internet, which is also one of the reasons why sexy underwear cannot be popular in physical stores.

9. The degree of understanding of sexy underwear

For some physical store owners, the degree of understanding of products such as sexy underwear may not be very comprehensive.They may think that products such as sexy underwear are not suitable for selling in their own stores, which also makes many erotic underwear sell well in physical stores.

10. Consumer choice

In some large shopping malls, there may be sales stores specializing in sexy underwear. However, in terms of actual sales data, the sales of sexy underwear in the mall are relatively low.This may also be that consumers have inferiority in buying sexy underwear, and they dare not buy them in the mall at will, which further makes it difficult for sex underwear to enter physical stores.

In summary, it is still difficult to sell in physical stores to sell in physical stores.However, with the opening of sexual concepts and the improvement of people’s cultural heritage, sexy underwear may usher in better development opportunities.

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