Wife actually hidden sexy underwear


As an adult man, I always think that I know my wife very thoroughly.That’s why when I found some sexy sexy underwear in her wardrobe, I was surprised and embarrassed.

What is sexy underwear?

Before that, my understanding of sexy underwear was limited to sexy fairy tales.Sex underwear is a fashionable, sexy and exciting female underwear.Most of these underwear are exquisite, with fashionable design and patterns made of transparent materials or lace.

Types of sex underwear

There are many different types of erotic underwear.Here are some common sexy underwear types:

Drain and underwear suits

Vest underwear



Noble sexy underwear

Why do women choose to wear sexy underwear?

The main reason for wearing sex underwear is to enhance self -confidence and feel more sexy.These underwear help improve women’s sexual attraction and self -esteem.Women wearing sexy underwear will feel more attractive, which is particularly obvious in their posture and body language.

Influence of sexy underwear

Sex underwear can also affect women’s behavior.Women wearing underwear will look more confident and self -awareness, so they are more sexy and natural.In addition, the irritation and stimulation of sexy underwear will make women more actively express their needs and desires, making sexual life more wonderful and rich.

Share sexy underwear with your partner

A person wearing a sexy underwear will only make feelings richer, but if you share it with your partner, you will make sexual life more interesting and exciting.Interest underwear not only makes women feel sexy and beautiful, but also makes men feel more attractive and sexual.This way of sharing sexy underwear can promote the intimacy and mutual trust between husband and wife.

my point of view

In the entire human society, "sex" and "love" are the two most important aspects.Everyone has their own orientation and sexual needs.Women who choose sex underwear also have the right to decide on their own, but sharing underwear is a better choice.The relationship between health and long -term partners needs to be based on mutual respect and trust, and sharing sex underwear can help promote this process.

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