Wife buys sexy underwear to wear

Wife buys sexy underwear to wear

In modern society, sexy underwear is no longer a secret or taboo topic.Gradually, more and more women have begun to pay attention to their bodies and sexy, and sexy underwear has become one of the important ways to show their figure and sexy.My wife has also started buying sexy underwear recently. Below I will share some of her experience and insights.

1. Buy place

My wife told me that sexy underwear can be purchased in many different places, such as shopping malls, sex products stores, online stores, and so on.She is more inclined to buy online stores, because this can not only enjoy more promotional offers, but also easily compare the differences between different brands and styles.

2. Size selection

It is important to choose a size suitable for you. This can not only make the underwear more beautiful, but also ensure the comfort of wearing.My wife suggests that you can measure your body size first, and then choose according to the brand’s size table.If you are not sure, you can choose a slightly larger size to avoid excessive or affecting the aesthetics.

3. Material and quality

Wife believes that the material and quality of sexy underwear are important because it is related to the feel, comfort and durability of the underwear.She likes to choose high -end silk, lace or other texture fabrics, and she will pay attention to checking whether the hook eye is strong, whether the fabric has a ball or silk.

4. Style and style

Each woman’s body and style are different, so when choosing the style and style of sexy underwear, it is necessary to decide according to their figure and characteristics.Wife recommends to choose those styles that make you feel confident and charming, such as sexy suspenders, transparent lace, etc., but you should also pay attention to your temperament and atmosphere.

5. Bottom pants matching

The bottom pants with erotic underwear are also very important.Wife often chooses color or style of underwear or T -shaped pants similar to underwear. This can not only show a complete visual effect, but also improve the overall sense.

6. Care and maintenance

Interest underwear needs to be cautious in wearing and washing to maintain its quality and beauty.Wife will pay attention to cleaning and care according to the guidance of the brand and label, such as using neutral washing solution, gently washing, avoiding exposure and ironing, and so on.

7. Match and wear

It is also important to choose appropriate matching and dressing.My wife will choose the right underwear and coat according to the occasion and atmosphere. For example, when wearing a transparent lace underwear, it is best to choose a dark coat to avoid being too exposed or shy.

8. Mental and self -confidence

The most important thing is that the mentality and self -confidence of sexy underwear will also affect the overall effect.Wife believes that you can wear sexy underwear through a positive attitude and confidence, which can not only show your beauty and sexy, but also improve your self -confidence and happiness.


Although sexy underwear may cause some controversy and discussion in culture and traditions, I think that modern women have the power to choose their own way of dressing and displaying.Interest underwear can not only make women feel more beautiful and confident, but also stimulate sexy and fun, thereby improving the quality of life and emotional satisfaction.Therefore, I support women to wear sexy underwear, especially in the choice, matching and wearing of underwear, and more self -confidence and knowledge.

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