Wife doesn’t wear sexy underwear too much

1. Sex underwear is a condiment of sex

Interest underwear is an indispensable part of sex. It can add emotions, improve interest, and make couples closer.If my wife is not wearing a sexy underwear, it is likely because she has not fulfilled this.Therefore, you need to guide her correctly and let her understand the importance of sexy underwear.

2. Understand your wife’s needs

If your wife does not wear sexy underwear, the first thing she needs to figure out is what her needs are.She may prefer the simple -style underwear, or she is more resistant to pink, red and other colors.Only by knowing her needs can she choose the right sexy underwear for her and enhance her love for underwear.

3. Buy high -quality sexy underwear

In addition to understanding the needs of his wife, it is also important to buy high -quality sexy underwear.Good quality sexy underwear materials are soft and comfortable, and will not cause irritation to the skin. Choosing inferior sexy underwear will be counterproductive and make the wife more resistant to sexy lingerie.

4. Start from color

If your wife has a sense of conflict with sexy underwear, you can start with the color.Choose some sexy underwear with lighter colors and closer to daily clothes, and then gradually increase color depth and charm.

5. Start from the style

In addition to starting from the color, you can also start with the style.Choose a comfortable style that wives usually like and wearing a comfortable style, and improve it on this basis to make it more aesthetically attached to the aesthetics of sexy underwear, so that the wife will accept it easier to accept it.

6. Guide my wife to get rid of shame

Many women don’t like to wear sexy underwear because it brings them a certain sense of shame.Therefore, when guiding her wife to wear fun underwear, she needs to properly improve her confidence and curiosity, so that she can understand that this is a very normal and natural thing, so you don’t have to feel embarrassed.

7. Remove your wife’s concerns

Some women will also cause inconvenience or troubles to themselves because they are worried that their affectionate underwear will bring themselves inconvenient or troublesome, such as worrying that underwear is too tight or not breathable.Therefore, you need to tell them the material and workmanship of sexy underwear, as well as how to wear it correctly, maintenance and other issues to help them eliminate their concerns in this area.

8. Don’t force your wife to wear

The last thing to pay attention to is, do not force your wife to wear sexy underwear.This will not only cause his wife’s resentment, but also hurt the relationship between the husband and wife.It should be based on her wishes to gradually guide her to experience the beauty of sexy underwear and enhance her interest.

9. Forbidden to use sexy underwear to try to solve the problem of husband and wife relationship

Finally, it is reminded that sexy underwear cannot be a tool for solving the problem of husband and wife relationship.If there is a problem between husband and wife, it should be solved by communication, listening, and considerate, instead of hoping in sexy underwear.

10. In short, sexy underwear needs to wear wives voluntarily

In short, the most important thing for his wife to wear sexy underwear is her voluntary and interest.Through correct guidance, selection of appropriate sexy underwear, removing concerns, etc., make the sexy underwear into the sex condiments between husband and wife, making the relationship closer.

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