Woman wearing a sexy lingerie bed scene

Woman wearing a sexy lingerie bed scene

With the progress of society, people’s concepts of sex are gradually opening up. As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular with women.Putting in sexy underwear in bed scenes can not only increase interest, but also improve self -confidence.However, many women have doubts about the types, styles, sizes, etc. of sexy underwear.This article will introduce you to the tips of women’s wearing sexy lingerie bed, helping you to better choose and match sexy underwear, and make your sex life more exciting.

I. Choose a style that suits you

There are many different styles of sexy underwear. When buying, you must match according to your body and character.If you are a petite, exquisite, lively and cheerful girl, then selective and sexy lace underwear reveals your vitality and sweetness.If you are a mature and sexy workplace woman, the sexy underwear of lace, mesh and leather material is more suitable for you.Of course, there are some sexy and bold cats and women underwear, with bright colors and special designs. This underwear is suitable for women with bold character.

II. Pay attention to the selection of size

Be sure to pay attention to the selection of the size when choosing a sexy underwear.If the size is too small, the underwear will tighten your body and affect your breathing and comfort. If the size is too large, you will relax your underwear and cannot highlight your delicate figure.Therefore, it is recommended that ladies measure their bust and lower circumference when choosing a sexy underwear, and then choose the appropriate size.

III. With yoga pants

If you don’t want to enjoy the sexy visual effects of sexy underwear alone, it is recommended that you match a pair of yoga pants.Choosing a comfortable and slim yoga pants can make you more confidently show your figure, and at the same time, it can also increase the matching effect of sexy underwear and pants.

IV. Pajamas love lingerie

In daily life, women can also wear sexy underwear.For example, when you sleep at home, you can match a light and comfortable pajamas and wear sexy sexy underwear.This combination allows you to feel the inner sexy and increase the taste and intimacy between husband and wife.

V. Choose different styles in different situations

You can choose different sexy underwear according to different situations.If you want to experience the desire on the bed, it is recommended to choose the upper body of the lace’s sexy underwear, and with a short small skirt to make you vibrant on the bed and exude the breath of desire.

Vi. Waiting for the role of body mirror

When trying to penetrate sexy underwear, be sure to be under good light sources and equipped with a full -body mirror.The whole body mirror allows you to see the visual effects presented from different angles, and avoid ignoring the beauty and ugliness of other parts because of the good local effect.At the same time, it can help you better understand your body characteristics and choose the right style and size.

Vii. Replace regularly

Everyone’s physical condition is constantly changing, so pay attention to its fresh -keeping period when choosing sexy underwear.It is recommended that women replace sex underwear at least once or twice a year to ensure the quality and hygiene of wearing.

Viii. Color matching

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose different colors according to different atmosphere.For example, romantic pink and red can inspire people’s love and enthusiasm; and deep purple and black can make people feel mysterious and tempting.


Choosing a suitable perfume with sexy underwear can not only improve the temperament, but also attract the attention of the other half.It is recommended to choose a perfume with flower and fruit fragrance to combine it with the smell of underwear to form a unique atmosphere.

X. Viewpoint

Wearing sexy underwear, women are not only to attract men, but also express their love and confidence in themselves.Interest underwear can make women understand their physical characteristics more, show their charm better, and add the fun and romantic atmosphere of husband and wife, which is worth trying.

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