Women who tried to wear sexy underwear

Women who tried to wear sexy underwear

Women’s beauty needs to show themselves through various ways, and sexy underwear is exactly a way to show themselves uniquely.Not only can women more confident and sexy, but also to increase the desire of the other half and play a role in enhancing emotion.A good sexy underwear can make women more sexy and charming, so how can you choose a sexy underwear that suits you?

Raider the size

First of all, correctly measure your size is the key to choosing sexy underwear.When a woman measures the bust, the measured ruler should be fixed to the widest part of the body, the center of the nipple.At the same time, you should breathe easily during measurement so that you can get accurate data.When measuring the waist circumference, the ruler should be placed at the junction of the waist and the waist, and it also needs to breathe easily.In this way, you can find your own size.

Choose a suitable style

When choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, the style is also very important.Choosing the right style according to your body and body shape can make yourself more attractive.For example: if you want to show the sexy curve, you can choose tight underwear; if you want to show a charming back or a beautiful shirt collar, you can choose to open a back underwear or suspender type underwear; if you want to highlight your chest shape, you can choose to bring with your chest shapeSponge underwear and so on.

Material selection

It is also very important to choose the material of sexy underwear.The response of human skin to different materials is also different.Usually, soft and breathable underwear is more popular with women.For example, silk, lace, cotton, etc.If you wear it in summer, you should choose the breathable material; in winter, you should choose the warm material.

Color choice

Color is also the focus of considering when choosing sexy underwear.According to different occasions and personality, you can also choose different colors.If you wear it on a major occasion, it is recommended to choose light colors such as rice white and light purple; if you wear a dinner or party, you can choose bright colors, such as red and yellow.

Wearing process

Once you choose the right sexy underwear, the next step is to start wearing.When wearing underwear, women should ensure that the underwear matches her body as much as possible, showing her most perfect state.In addition, you need to pay attention to the lifting effect and overwriting of the underwear, so as to show your figure more perfectly.

Sex underwear matching

It is very important to keep the color when wearing a sexy underwear.For example, with a pair of high heels, a few earrings or necklaces, a soft robe, these can help women create a perfect atmosphere.

Matching different occasions

Different occasions also need to be paired with different sexy underwear.When you spend a sweet night at home or with your partner, you can choose some nude or pure -colored underwear.If you go to the carnival, party or club, you can choose some gorgeous, fancy underwear.

Maintenance of sexy underwear

Maintain underwear is also very important.When cleaning, you should pay attention to avoid using pigment, juice and other pigments, which are likely to make underwear discoloration.At the same time, pay attention to separate cleaning to avoid mixing, bleaching, and so on.If you use machine washing underwear, you need to use a gentle laundry and a soft washing method.

The last thinking:

Finally, in summary, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is not a trivial matter, but it is an investment in your body.It can not only show its beauty, but also enhance self -confidence and interest.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, women must pay attention to the above points to find underwear that suits them to show their beautiful and sexy body.

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