Women’s sexy underwear C cup

When women choose sexy underwear, they are most concerned about the size of the lingerie cup.The C cup is the ideal size of many women, because it neither makes the chest look overly full, nor will it make the chest look oppressed.Below, we will introduce you to the various types and styles of women’s sexy underwear C -cups.

1. What is C cup

C cup refers to about 3 inches (7.62 cm) of the length of peripheral perimeter from the chest.The size of this cup is very suitable for many women, because it integrates the advantages of A, B and D cups. It has a certain support, but it will not appear too large or too small.

2. Style and style

There are many styles and styles to choose from Cup’s sexy underwear.Some of them include:

2.1 Sexy underwear with lace

For women who like lace style and feminine design, it is a good choice with lace sexy underwear.Lace can add a little sexy and romantic atmosphere to the body.

2.2 Non -marked underwear

Warling underwear is an underwear that fits the body without any stitching or loose band.This underwear makes the wearer feel very natural, and will not leave traces when wearing.

2.3 Folk -type underwear

The front buckle underwear is a kind of underwear with buttons in front, which is more convenient to wear.At the same time, this underwear is usually easier to remove than other underwear.

3. Underwear fabric

Different materials of underwear fabrics are completely different.for example:

3.1 cotton underwear

Cotton underwear feels soft and comfortable, while sweating and breathability.This underwear is especially suitable for daily life.

3.2 Fiber underwear

Fiber underwear is often tight, which can close the body and highlight the shape.In addition, it also has the advantages of fast dryness, which can quickly absorb the moisture of the body surface into the fabric.

3.3 lace underwear

Lace underwear is made of lace fabric, which feels soft and comfortable.In addition, lace underwear has a variety of materials, which allows you to choose fabrics that are suitable for you.

4. Underwear color

The colors of C cup lingerie are usually very diverse, including white, black, red, pink, green and blue.

5. The shape and tailoring of the underwear

There are many different choices for the shape and tailoring of the underwear, and some of the most common of them are as follows:

5.1 Triangle form underwear

The cup cover of the triangular underwear is a triangular shape, which is often used in sexy underwear because it is very sexy.

5.2 Plastic vest underwear

Shaping vest underwear provides support for the back of the wearer, shaping the shape and reducing the remaining part of the back fat.

5.3 Push UP underwear

Push UP underwear is a underwear designed to highlight the chest, making the chest fuller, giving a full feeling.

6. Underwear accessories

There are often many accessories in sexy underwear, such as bow, lace lace or diamonds.These small jewelry can add a little beauty to the C cup underwear.

7. Maintenance of underwear

Although there are many styles of women’s sexy underwear C -cover Cup styles, if you want to keep your underwear new and comfortable, you need to pay attention to some details during use and maintenance.For example, do not use bleach, wash your underwear in your hand and dry them in a cool place.

8. Sexy and comfortable

C -cover underwear must not only make the wearer feel sexy and beautiful, but also make the wearer feel comfortable.Make sure that when choosing a lady’s sexy underwear, not only pay attention to beauty, but also pay attention to the comfort of materials and fabrics.

9. The charm of details

In the end, the most charming part of the lady’s sexy underwear C to cup is its various details.From lace to small champagne color, from serial buckle to flowering embroidery, these underwear details are amazing.

10. Conclusion:

Regardless of what style of style, women’s sexy lingerie C cup styles are numerous.Whether you are looking for a daily comfortable style, or some special occasions with special occasions, you can find a suitable choice in the market.Try different styles and materials, choose your favorite C cup style, so that you can feel sexy, confident and beautiful.

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