Working in a sexy underwear shop quilt


Working in a sexy underwear store is different from going to work in other clothing stores. It may take some adaptation time, but at the same time, there will be a lot of fun.This article will share my experience and provide some suggestions.

Types of clothing

Interest underwear is different from other clothing, with various styles, and there are many types.From sexual emotional interest underwear to toy props and other types, you need to be familiar with each style and use.It is recommended to spend some time to learn and master these knowledge.


Working in a sexy underwear shop is a very important part of.You need to understand what kind of help and suggestions for customers need.You need to provide professional suggestions and personalized services to ensure that customers are satisfied with the products they purchase.

sales strategy

When you work in a sexy underwear store, you need to master some sales skills.Establishing connection with customers is a very important part.Listen to customer needs and provide appropriate suggestions for it.It is recommended not to push customers to buy products, but take customer interests as the starting point to allow customers to make decisions by themselves.

Accessories and toy props

To work in a sexy underwear store, you must not only understand all kinds of underwear and care knowledge, but also need to understand lipstick, high heels, toy props and other accessories.In order to provide more comprehensive services, it is recommended to learn and understand the purpose of various products.

Sell ​​yourself

To work in a sexy underwear store, in order to improve your performance and sales, you need to sell yourself.Providing customers with a good experience can increase the return rate of customers, and such services to gain the trust of customers will also increase sales.

Communication skills

Entering in a sexy underwear shop, good communication skills are very important parts.When communicating with customers, you need to follow certain rules.Keep your conversation as elegant as much as possible, do not be too close to avoid disturbing customers.

Types and customers

Understanding the needs and purchase habits of different customers is a very important part.Some customers like sexy underwear, while some customers like toy props.It is recommended to understand the needs and purchase habits of various categories.

keep clean

Working in a sexy underwear shop, maintaining the cleaning of the working environment can not only provide customers with a better shopping experience, but also improve work efficiency and safety.It is recommended to keep the working environment clean and hygienic.

in conclusion

The sex underwear industry is a fun industry, and work requires certain endurance and psychological preparation.It takes time to understand products, serve customers, and improve sales skills.I hope these suggestions can help those who want to work in a sexy underwear shop.

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