US European sex shell

Interest underwear refers to clothing used for sex, and its design and style can be very different from traditional underwear.In the market, you can find a variety of sexy lingerie types, of which sexy underwear in the United States and Europe is one of the most popular.This article will explore the types, styles and characteristics of these underwear to help you choose the US and European sex underwear that suits you.

1. Interest set

The fun set includes many different styles of clothing, such as mini skirts, tights, suspenders, bikinis, etc., which is a common sexy lingerie style.These sets are usually made of transparent, lace, leather and other special fabrics to stimulate sexual desires with attractive appearance and enthusiasm, thereby improving the sexual experience of both parties.The sex set can be worn alone or combined with other sex toys (such as handcuffs, mouthball, etc.).

2. Big blouse and suspender vest

Big blouses and suspenders are a common type of sexy underwear.They often highlight women’s chest and shoulders, and the design is full of imagination and sexy.In European and American countries, blouses and strap vests are usually made of transparent lace. The neckline and hem are often decorated with feathers or other decorations.These underwear are often worn with lace underwear and high heels, creating a meticulous and tempting atmosphere.

3. lace underwear

Lace underwear is a common type of erotic underwear. Especially in the European and American circles, people often like to wear lace underwear. They have an elegant and sexy appearance.Lace underwear is often used on jersey, bottom pants and skirts to make women more sexy.People usually choose colors of black, red, purple and pink underwear. These colors have a strong love atmosphere.

4. Lace lace pajamas

Lace lace pajamas are another common American and European sexy underwear.These pajamas are made of soft fabrics, especially lace and cotton, and sometimes add satin or other decorations, such as bow and lace.Unlike traditional pajamas, lace lace pajamas design is passionate and sexy, encouraging people to pursue a real sex experience in bed.

5. Noble and elegant underwear

Some women prefer to wear underwear similar to Marilyn Dream dew, and this kind of underwear is also very popular in European and American countries.Noble and elegant underwear, especially pink and lace lace underwear full of romantic atmosphere, show another sexy underwear, showing women’s beautiful figure and soft curve lines, bringing a noble and elegant feeling.The combination of noble and elegant underwear and high heels and jewelry is better.

6. Thin Lantern Lantern sleeve underwear

Lantern sleeve underwear is a common European and American sexy underwear.This underwear is a lantern sleeve -sleeve made of silk or lace, which increases the mystery of women, thereby stimulating the partner’s sexual desire.This underwear is suitable for summer wear and can wear gorgeous effects.

7. Leather underwear

Unlike his interesting underwear, leather underwear is very suitable for exploring some sex toys and sex games.Leather underwear is usually made of leather, which looks very sexy and cold.In the European and American circles, leather underwear is often used with props, leather strikers and other props to upgrade the experience.

8. Sports sexy underwear

Sports sexy underwear is often called sports breasts or denim hot pants. They are another attractive sexy underwear.This underwear is usually made of soft cotton, silk or satin fabrics, which is very comfortable and looks very sexy.Sports sexy underwear is often matched with props such as high heels, combining sexual experience with fashion movements.

9. Visual underwear

In the European and American circles, the colorful sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular.These underwear are colorful, and they usually choose bright red, dark purple, blue and other eye -catching colors, which have a strong sex atmosphere.In the bright background, women’s beauty and figure are more prominent, making the owner of the underwear full of confidence.

10. Grid/mesh underwear

The last discussion in the US and European sexy underwear types are grids/mesh underwear.These underwear are usually made of transparent mesh fabrics to display all parts of women in front of everyone, and at the same time exude a sexy atmosphere.This underwear can often be worn alone, or it can be used with other items, allowing the sexual experience of the two to upgrade again.

in conclusion

The US and European sex lingerie markets provide countless choices. You can choose the most suitable underwear according to your preferences, needs and body type.Don’t forget. While enjoying sex, you must also respect yourself and your partners and always maintain a safe and healthy state.

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