Zhao Shixi Fun Show

brand introduction

Zhao Shixi’s sexy underwear is a sexy underwear brand from Japan. With its unique design, high -quality fabric and creative creativity, it has won the love of global consumers.The brand has always implemented the concept of "making underwear as fashion", and it is constantly being new, and it will never be outdated.

Style analysis

Zhao Shixi has a unique and diverse style, rich and diverse, and meets the needs and preferences of different women.Among them, the most popular include:

1. lace style

A large amount of lace fabrics are delicate and sexy, showing the body curve of women to the fullest, making people fall into infinite reveries.

2. hollow style

Use hollow technology to cleverly cut the fabrics, make underwear into various shapes, and reveal the beauty of sexy skin.

3. Silk style

Select silk fabrics, soft and delicate, comfortable touch, and give the body the most perfect personal experience.

Recommended size

The size of Zhao Shixi’s fun underwear is more reasonable. From S to XXL, the size is complete, which can meet the needs of different women.However, because the brand is mainly based on the Asian market, it is recommended that foreign buyers refer to the brand’s size table in advance to avoid the embarrassing situation of inconsistent size.

Material description

Zhao Shixi’s fabrics of sexy underwear use high -quality materials such as eye seams, lace, mirror satin, etc., all of which are natural fabrics or functional materials to ensure the comfort and health of consumers.


Because Zhao Shixi’s sexy lingerie fabric is mainly delicate and soft, it is recommended to wash it with hand, and do not use a washing machine.Add a neutral detergent to warm water at the water temperature of no more than 30 ° C. After cleaning, dry it.Do not dry directly in the sun to prevent pigment fading.

Price reference

The price of Zhao Shixi’s sexy underwear is relatively middle, according to different styles, fabrics and techniques, the price ranges from 200 yuan to 600 yuan.Compared with other erotic underwear brands, Zhao Shixi has a moderate price and high price.


Zhao Shixi has fewer sales channels in the domestic market. It is recommended to purchase through the official website or purchase through the method of purchasing.When buying, you must pay attention to selecting regular channels to avoid the emergence of fake and shoddy products.

Style with

Zhao Shixi’s fun underwear can not only wear it alone, but also match with other clothing. You can wear sexy shorts, skirts, etc., showing different feminine style.In addition, with a pair of sexy high heels, it is more playful and cute.

Use occasion

Zhao Shixi has a variety of fun underwear. It can be applied to special occasions such as daily daily wear, dating, parties, etc., which can show women’s confidence and charm.


As a sexy underwear brand full of innovation and practicality, Zhao Shixi’s sexy underwear not only carries fashion trends, but also exudes women’s confidence and independence.Whether it is from all aspects such as styles, quality, size, and after -sales service, the brand’s professional standard is expressed.Therefore, for the beauty seekers, Zhao Shixi has a perfect combination of quality and sexy, making women more eye -catching and charming.

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