Zhao Wei sexy underwear photo atlas

Zhao Wei sexy underwear photo atlas

As the representative of the fashion industry, Zhao Wei has a certain right to speak in terms of clothing, makeup, or styling.And her erotic underwear style has attracted much attention.Here, we have selected Zhao Wei’s sexy underwear photo atlas for everyone, let’s enjoy it together!

Sexy and fresh: blue and white striped and sexy underwear

During a fashion activity, Zhao Wei appeared in blue and white striped and sexy underwear.This sexy underwear uses comfortable cotton fabrics, combines two classic colors of blue and white, both sexy and fresh.It is not difficult to see that this fresh -style sexy underwear is also suitable for more preferences.

Black classics: revealing unruly in sexy

Black -colored underwear has always been the most popular one to sexy. It can make women’s sexy, unruly, and mature exhibitions.In a fashion shooting, Zhao Wei wore black and sexy underwear, showing the sexy and unrestrained in it.

Pink element: add sweet atmosphere

Pink sexy underwear has a certain advantage in sweetness.Zhao Wei wore pink and erotic underwear in a photo, paired with bright lipstick, and the whole body was brighter.Whether it is breath or shape, it shows the infinite sense of girly.

Lace element: sexy without losing gracefulness

In various situations, Zhao Wei showed lace sexy underwear many times.This kind of sexy underwear has always been sought after with its outstanding sexy and gracefulness.The sexy underwear of lace is not only very comfortable to wear, but also has a certain visual effect, which can show women’s sexy and gracefulness.

Red elements: revealing charming in sexy

Red color sexy underwear shows women’s sexy and charming simultaneous display, which is a love underwear that many people love.Zhao Wei also wore a dark red pornographic underwear in a filming of a well -known fashion magazine to show the different charm of women.Sexy, charming and gorgeous, everything is reflected in this sexy underwear.

Metal element: the sense of fashion revealed

The sexy underwear of metal elements is the one that has become popular in recent years.Metal’s sexy underwear looks very dazzling, and it is quite comfortable to wear.Zhao Wei put on such a sexy underwear not only sexy and charming, but also showing a sense of fashion.

White element: reveal softly in sexy

The white sex lingerie feels very comfortable with its soft color tone, and it can better reflect the delicate and sexy of women.Zhao Wei put on white color sexy underwear in a huge shooting, and revealed softness in sexy, and the overall shape gave people a noble and soft feeling.

Brown element: show mature elegant temperament

Coffee erotic underwear is softer to black, showing a mature and elegant temperament.Zhao Wei put on such a sexy underwear even more elegant and gorgeous, showing the perfection in many women’s hearts.

Black and white patchwork: add a sense of fashion

Black -and -white suction is a more traditional sexy underwear shape, but this color matching can show women’s fashion taste well.Zhao Wei put on such a fun underwear to show a noble and cold goddess aura, showing the charming and sexy of women.


Zhao Wei’s wearing fun underwear is undoubtedly a highlight of the fashion industry, and her dress is also inspired.Generally speaking, sexy underwear is not only comfortable, but also can show the different charm of women in many aspects such as sexy degree and style.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, consider your own taste and needs to achieve better results.