Zheng Shuang’s sexy underwear advertisement collection

Zheng Shuang’s sexy underwear advertisement collection-various types of exploration of underwear

Zheng Shuang is a well -known female star in contemporary Chinese contemporary Chinese. She has exquisite acting skills and sweet and cute images.In recent years, a group of celebrities have begun to endorse sexy underwear. Among them, Zheng Shuang is also one of them. Not only does the endorsement of sexy underwear brands, but also promote different types of sexy underwear.Below we will take a look at the collection of Zheng Shuang’s sexy underwear advertisement to explore the various types of underwear together.

Sexy underwear-how to define

Interesting underwear refers to the costumes that are beautiful and sexy, and there are many categories, but in general, we can divide them into two categories: one is to add some decorations and decorations and decorations to ordinary underwear stylesAccessories make it more sexy; the other is underwear designed for people with certain appearance needs. They are often more unique and special than ordinary underwear.

Sexy underwear-traditional sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is the most traditional sexy underwear.They are usually designed by irritating materials and special structures.Among them, the most famous is lace underwear. Since the 1960s, lace has always been a representative of sexy underwear and sexy underwear.

Stockings suit-the dual purpose of sexy and leisure

Stockings suits are also one of the popular styles of sexy underwear.Has a very leading dual purpose between leisure and sexy, and their design style has achieved a perfect balance between leisure and sexy.

Adult toy-Auxiliary props of sexy underwear

Adult toys are auxiliary props of sexy underwear and an important part of them.Adult toys are composed of many different components, including penis, jumping eggs, and vibrators. Matching with underwear can enhance the fun of fun.

Sex furniture-partner of sexy underwear

Sexual furniture is a partner of sexy underwear. They can significantly improve the quality and satisfaction of human life.Among them, the most popular include sex sofa, sex chairs, and many other types of furniture.

Coach underwear-The perfect combination of sex and fitness

Coach underwear is one of the most innovative sexy underwear.They can be used for fitness and sex, and the design of coach underwear allows you to control your body more firmly in sex.

Yutsuita-reveal a sense of mystery

The yukata clothing is a perfect choice for women who need romantic atmosphere.These clothing usually involves less coverage accessories, so it is more obvious in terms of sexy. The unique design reveals a touch of mystery in appearance.


There are many types of sexy underwear, each with its unique sexy charm and special use.Zheng Shuang’s collection of sexy underwear advertising maps not only brought us a visual enjoyment, but also explored and promoted these different types of sexy underwear.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits us can help us better understand sex and enhance its fun.

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