Zhongshan Sexual Culture Festival Interesting Underwear Show


As one of the birthplaces of Chinese culture, Zhongshan has been committed to promoting culture. In the 15th Zhongshan Sex Culture Festival held recently, the display of sexy underwear has attracted a large number of audiences to come to watch the exhibition.As an expert in erotic underwear, let’s learn about the wonderful content of this sexy underwear display.

Brand presentation

In this sexy underwear display, the displayed brands cover well -known domestic and foreign brands, such as Chanteelle in France, WACOAL in Japan, and domestic Aimer.Various erotic underwear lined up on the booth attracted many audiences to come to watch and buy.

Style display

From the lace sexy underwear of sexy temptation to the nipple sticker of the cute girl, there are different styles in this display.In addition, there are thin material sexy underwear and thick warm -type sexy underwear that are suitable for summer, which meets the needs of different consumers.

color match

In the design of sexy underwear, color matching is a vital part.In this show, we saw the classic black and white and gray, as well as bright red and pink, as well as alternative gold and purple.In addition, the matching of different colors is also very colorful, such as black lace with metal texture decoration, making sexy underwear more personalized.

Cut design

The tailoring in sexy underwear design is also an indispensable element. In this display, we saw a variety of designs, such as U -shaped, V and heart -shaped corsets, low waist, high waist and T -type pantsetc.Some designs also incorporate details such as embroidery and pearls, making sexy underwear more delicate.


High -quality material is an important factor in ensuring the quality of sexy underwear.In this show, we saw various materials of underwear, such as lace lace, cotton, silk and acrylic.And the fun underwear in the display meets national standards, making consumers more assured.

Recommended with

As a professional of sexy underwear, we must not only understand different styles of sexy underwear, but also know how to match it.In this show, we saw various matching methods, such as the matching of sexy underwear and long cardigan, as well as the matching of corset and skirts.These combination recommendations not only allow consumers to better understand how to match sex underwear, but also buy it directly.

cultural connotation

As a sexual product, sexy underwear contains different cultural connotations.In this show, we see not only the styles and quality of sexy underwear, but also a rich cultural connotation.For example, Chinese style of fun underwear incorporates traditional embroidery and patterns, and Western -style sexy underwear pays more attention to lines and tailoring.

Future trend

With the development of society and the continuous renewal of people’s aesthetic concepts, sexy underwear will continue to develop and innovate.In the future, we may see more environmentally friendly and healthy sexy underwear products, and at the same time, different cultural elements will be integrated into the design of sexy underwear.


Through the display of the sexy underwear in the Zhongshan Sex Culture Festival, we learned the rich connotation of sexy underwear and also felt the development of the sexy underwear industry.Looking forward to the birth of more wonderful sexy underwear in the future, inject more charm into our sex culture!

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