Zhou Yanxi’s Interesting Underwear Bali Travel Shooting

Zhou Yanxi’s Interesting Underwear Bali Travel Shooting

Zhou Yanxi is a well -known sexy underwear model. Her sexy and hot figure is often amazing. At the same time, she is also a travel shooter. Recently, she has conducted a sexy underwear shot in Bali.

Beautiful scenery in Bali

Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia. It has beautiful beaches, spectacular waterfalls, mysterious temples and various natural scenery. It provides excellent background and shooting conditions for sexy underwear brigades.

Selection of sex underwear

For a sexy underwear shoot, the most important thing is the choice of underwear. Zhou Yanxi chose a variety of different styles of sexy underwear, including sexy back, navel clothes, fishtail skirts and other styles.Filmed.

Sexy temptation by the pool

There are many swimming pools in Bali Resort. Zhou Yanxi chose to conduct multiple sexy travel shoots by the pool.The sexy atmosphere permeates the entire picture, these clips are the most beautiful time for travel.

Romantic scenery on the beach

The beach is one of the most beautiful places in Bali. Zhou Yanxi wore a sexy swimsuit and put on a variety of beautiful postures on the beach for shooting.

The silent scenery of the forest road

There is a very beautiful hiking path in the forests of Bali. Zhou Yanxi changed here with a green dress. Portrait and nature are integrated into one to perfectly combine the sexy underwear with the beauty of nature.

Breakfast and underwear wear

In addition to shooting at the attractions, Zhou Yanxi also chose to shoot in the resort hotel room, dressed as the owner, and show the beauty of underwear.After tasting perfect breakfast, she wore a variety of different styles of sexy underwear, giving people a sense of happiness.

The sexy charm of rock wind

On the streets of Bali, Zhou Yanxi chose some rock -style sexy underwear for shooting. There are smoky makeup, black leather clothes, and classic red conjoined skirts and lace swimsuits, showing diverse charm, conquering the entire street with sexy power, conquered the entire street with sexy powerEssence

The comfort of immersed in nature

The natural environment of Bali is very beautiful. Zhou Yanxi also chose to shoot in the suburbs, wearing a sexy swimsuit and long skirt, after walking around the defender La Pu Pu Shan, feeling the beauty of nature, and discovering the beauty of herself.

Sexy hotel is unforgettable

On the night of Bali, Zhou Yanxi also chose to shoot in the hotel room, wearing soft and comfortable sexy underwear, showing a sweet and sexy side, showing female charm from the inside to the outside.


Zhou Yanxi’s sexy underwear Bali travel is not only a photo, but also shows the charm and confidence of women. It also tells us that sexy does not necessarily need to be exposed, or it can be a manifestation of elegance and noble.The beautiful scenery of Bali also provides excellent places and conditions for the sexy underwear brigade. I look forward to seeing more sexy underwear models in the future.

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