Star sex underwear show video

Star sex underwear show video

Star sex underwear show video

1 Introduction

Stars can always lead the fashion trend, and they spare no effort in sexy underwear.Not only do they actively wear sexy underwear, they also attend various activities to show their fashion taste.Today, let’s take a look at the wonderful performance of the stars on the sexy underwear show.

2. Zhou Xun’s black lace sexy underwear

Zhou Xun has always been known for his elegant temperament, and on the sexy underwear show, she chose the black lace style to show her sexy charm.This style of sexy underwear has beautiful lines and sexy tailoring, which can fully highlight the body curve.

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3. Li Bingbing’s red strap sexy underwear

Li Bingbing’s red backbone sexy underwear is simple and fashionable, suitable for matching dark coats or long skirts.This style can not only highlight the charming style of women, but also exude a passionate atmosphere and attract the attention of others.

4. Liu Shishi’s white perspective sexy lingerie

Liu Shishi chose a white perspective sexy underwear, which retains a certain sense of elegance while sexy.The perspective style can make people imagine unlimited, coupled with the freshness of white, can show the softness and beauty of women.

5. Guan Xiaotong’s pink and sexy underwear suit

Guan Xiaotong’s pink and sexy lingerie suit three -point design, the details are also equipped with lace decoration.Pink colors can make people feel romantic, while the three -point style can show the unique sexy charm of women.

6. Yang Mi’s black stockings in sexy underwear

Yang Mi’s black stockings sexy underwear is composed of black stockings and black lace tops.This style of sexy underwear can make people feel the charm of retro, and stockings can also highlight women’s beautiful legs.

7. Lin Yun’s purple erotic underwear


Lin Yun’s purple erotic underwear uses the material and tall design of tulle, which can show the slender figure and beautiful curve of women.The purple color can remind people of mystery and noble, showing women’s elegant temperament and charm.

8. Zhang Yuqi’s black hollowing fun underwear

Zhang Yuqi’s black hollow -hailing underwear design is unique, exuding deep sexy charm.The hollow design can make people conjecture and make people more longing, while black colors can particularly highlight the mystery of women.

9. Shu Qi’s red translucent sexy underwear

Shu Qi’s red translucent sexy underwear is full of sexy atmosphere and wild charm.The perspective design can highlight the curve of women, while showing a sexy atmosphere, which is memorable.

10. Liu Yifei’s purple lace sexy underwear

Liu Yifei’s purple lace sexy underwear is elegant and sexy, perfectly blending with women’s youth and maturity.Purple color and lace decoration can make people see beauty and nobleness, highlighting the elegant charm of women.

Viewpoint: The wearing of celebrities often leads the fashion trend, and is even more so in terms of sexy underwear.The styles and colors of different stars can show their different temperament and personality, and can also make people feel the beauty and sexy of sexy underwear.Whether it is usually or in special activities, wearing sexy underwear can increase women’s confidence and charm, bringing more surprises to themselves and others.