State detection of sexy underwear

State detection of sexy underwear

Background introduction

In recent years, the sexy underwear market has continued to expand, the need for fashion brands, and market demand has been increasing.However, sexy underwear is a private product, and the circulation method and sales method have also changed, which further exacerbates the diversity of size and style.This increases unnecessary embarrassment and trouble to a certain extent.In order to maintain traditional virtues and social public order, some stations have begun to detect sex underwear.

Superiority analysis

First of all, detecting sexy underwear can create a sunny and hygienic public environment for the people.Secondly, this can also avoid embarrassment and misunderstandings that are not suitable for wearing underwear in public.Finally, sexy underwear detection can also effectively regulate the market and promote the development of the industry.

Detection principle

The detection of sexy underwear uses contemporary high -tech means, which is guaranteed through microwave detection, chemical material analysis, infrared scanning and some other methods.Professional staff will pass the relevant instrument detection, which will not have any impact on the carrier.

Detection coverage area

The detection area of sexy underwear is usually in rural and urban areas with dense public facilities, such as airports, high -speed rail, subway, bus stations, etc.These places are places with a large traffic, and they are also dual opportunities for industry and public interests.

Detection frequency

The detection of sexy underwear is a conventional work, which will be carried out every time to ensure the health and personnel of relevant places.Some specific periods and some social sensitive dates, such as the National Day and Spring Festival, the detection of sexy underwear will be more dense.

privacy protection

In order to protect personal privacy, sexy underwear testing is carried out under the premise of voluntary and privacy protection of personnel.At the same time, professional staff will also guarantee the privacy and security of underwear carried by underwear, ensure that it will not cause information leakage and cause any unnecessary losses.

Detection does not pass

If the test is not approved, professional staff will mark the sexy underwear they carry and make a record.The carrier can re -put on ordinary underwear or other treatment according to the situation.

future development

Interest underwear testing is the guarantee of public interest and an important part of the industry’s comprehensive growth.It can be expected that in the future, the sex underwear testing industry will continue to develop and improve, further increase people’s trust in this industry, and also broaden the scope of choice for people and provide wider service.

Social benefits

Interesting underwear testing is not only to regulate the market and improve the service level, but also to maintain the public order of social public order and ensure the health and safety of the people.The normal development of sexy underwear detection has important help and significance for social hygiene and civilization construction. It is an indispensable social public service.

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