Taobao buying sexy underwear fraud cases


Recently, a large number of shops selling sexy underwear appeared on Taobao.However, some consumers have suffered fraud when they buy sexy underwear.Some people pay a deposit or full amount, but have received inferior or completely inconsistent sexy underwear, and there are no goods at all.

Second, scam technique

These scammers are hidden.They will post some pictures of sexy underwear on the Internet. The price is very low than other stores, attracting the attention of many consumers.After the customer pays, the merchant will postpone the delivery for various reasons, or send it to the customer’s inferior quality and unsuccessful sexy underwear, and some simply do not ship, making customers difficult to move.

Third, the business attitude is bad

Many consumers report that after contacting the merchant’s response, the store has a bad attitude, ignoring it, and even threatening consumers.This makes some consumers feel helpless and angry.

Fourth, consumer rights

In this case, consumers have the right to request merchants to ship in accordance with the agreement, refund the goods or double compensation.At the same time, consumers should also report to the e -commerce platform in time to protect their own interests.If consumers are shopping on e -commerce platforms, they can report to the platform so that the platform can take measures.If consumers are shopping in physical stores, they can complain to the local industry and commerce department, consumer associations, and other complaints.

Five, preventive measures

In order to avoid being scammed by sexy lingerie, consumers need to be vigilant.First of all, when buying sexy underwear, you must carefully check the credibility and related documents of the merchant, especially pay attention to evaluation and the level of the store.

Secondly, it is best not to shop on strange websites or unreliable e -commerce platforms.As long as you choose the right shopping channel, you can largely ensure that personal rights and interests are not violated.

Finally, before buying, you must detailed information such as the quality, function and material of love underwear, so as not to buy unfacked and uncomfortable sexy underwear.

Sixth, rights protection pathway

If consumers find that they are scammed by sexy underwear, they should contact the merchant and ask the delivery time and method.If the merchant ignores it, it can seek help from the customer service department on the platform.

Consumers can also apply for mediation to the consumer associations where they are located and seek consumer disputes.If the behavior of merchants is illegal, consumers can also report to the industry and commerce, public security, courts and other departments.

7. Promote industry specifications

In this case, consumer rights are damaged, and e -commerce platforms cannot be spared.In fact, the store can sell sexy underwear on the platform and must pass the review, so the e -commerce platform is also responsible.

8. Consumer rights protection issues

Obviously, the protection function of the e -commerce platform is still weak at this stage.

In terms of e -commerce platforms, the efforts of merchants should be strengthened, and businesses suspected of fraud consumers should be banned and strictly punished.At the same time, a more comprehensive complaint and rights protection mechanism should be established to provide consumers with effective overall solutions.

Nine, the entire industry attaches importance to

In fact, sexy underwear, as a special use underwear, has its own particularity. The entire industry should also pay attention to this incident, take effective measures to curb the incorrect wind in the sexy underwear industry.

10. Summary

In the Internet age, protecting consumer rights and interests is an important task.When buying sexy underwear or other products, consumers must have a clearer understanding of their own interests and increase their vigilance in order to avoid unnecessary economic losses.At the same time, government and e -commerce platforms should also formulate more and more comprehensive measures within their respective responsibilities to better regulate the sexy underwear industry and safeguard consumers’ rights.

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