Taobao female customer service wears sexy underwear

1 Introduction

Taobao is a dynamic e -commerce platform. In order to attract more users, some sellers promotes the way of wearing sex underwear on women’s customer service.Is this approach that is not suitable? Is there any side effects?

2. The definition of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear refers to a sexy underwear, which is usually used to enhance sexual experience.This underwear is usually made of lace, silk and gauze, and its design also pays more attention to sexy and attractiveness.

3. The use of sexy underwear in sales

On Taobao, some sellers will wear sexy underwear on the female customer service to try to attract more users.They believe that the sexy underwear on female customer service can play a visual effect, allowing users to be more willing to buy their products.

4. The advantages of this approach

An obvious advantage of erotic underwear as a sales tool is that it can attract users.Visual attractiveness makes users more willing to pay more attention to seller’s products, which helps increase sales.

5. The disadvantage of this approach

However, there are some shortcomings in this approach.First of all, this approach may cause discomfort from some users because they may think that this is too sexy.In addition, if you don’t pay attention to risks, this approach may also lead to some legal issues.

6. Legal issues

If the sexy underwear worn on the women’s customer service is too exposed, there is a risk of being treated as a bad behavior to deal with it.Some merchants who are worried about avoiding legal responsibility will try to use this method to blog in this way. In fact, their approach violates laws and regulations. When facing supervision, they must bear legal responsibility.

7. Give up suggestions for this approach

Based on the above shortcomings and risks, we do not recommend sellers to use this method to obtain sales.Although sexy underwear is indeed a very beautiful clothes on some occasions, in fact, hanging the female customer service is so funny, it may not have played a good role in promoting the sales process.

8. Replacement method

And instead of this way, sellers can consider other methods.For example, some effective propaganda tools, such as the communication and interaction with the user through flexible response, so as to enhance the willingness of them to become older customers; or sellers can attract users by providing high -quality services, such as answering common questions for users, such as answering common questions, such as answering common questions, and answering common questions for users.The demand of the recipe user, etc., can promote user confidence to enhance the willingness to buy.

9. Summary

In short, sellers should choose their marketing methods with caution.In the traditional e -commerce field, sexy underwear may be an effective marketing method, but for platforms such as Taobao, it may not be a necessary way.Sellers should choose more suitable and safer ways to promote their business.

10. Suggestions

We recommend that sellers should pay attention to user experience and legitimacy in all aspects of operations, so as to improve their business faster, healthy and stable, and achieve success as soon as possible.

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