Thai blue sex lingerie trial picture

Thai blue sex lingerie trial picture


In the sexy underwear market, the BluElady brand in Thailand has always been favored.Its style, sexy style, affordable price, loved by female consumers.This article will share a few types of trial pictures of Thai blue sex underwear, hoping to help choose the right underwear that is suitable for your own.

Type 1: lace combination underwear

Lace is a classic element of sexy underwear. As shown in the figure, this lace combination underwear is a classic style of the Thai blue sex lingerie brand.The top is stitched with transparent lace and lace lace, and the unique design can highlight the beauty of women.

Type 2: Cross -vest style

Cross -venom style is a popular trend in recent years, which can show sexy beauty, and enhance the overall wearing comfort.This Thai blue sex underwear adopts two lace lace stitching design, which increases sexuality while increasing the sense of comfort.

Type 3: chest metal ring half -cover cup model

This Thai blue erotic underwear is made of transparent mesh, and the chest part is decorated with metal rings. The sexy sense is added with fashion beauty.The half -cup design can better modify women’s chest shape and show beautiful chest lines.

Type 4: Lallic triangle underwear

This lace trousers of the blue sex underwear in Thailand are made of high -quality lace. The design of the waist strap can be adjusted according to the women’s own waist conditions, which is more comfortable and suitable for wearing.At the same time, the decoration of lace has also enhanced the overall sensation.

Type 5: Transparent lace corset

Transparent is another very common element in sexy underwear. The corset of this Thai blue sex underwear uses transparent lace material design to better highlight the sexy beauty of women.The decoration of lace lace was added to the hem of the corset and chest, without losing sweetness.

Type 6: Sexy hollow lace set

This set is composed of lace hollow design and black lace, revealing the mysterious sexy temperament of women.This Thai blue sex lingerie design is not only beautiful, but also makes women more confident.

Type 7: Integrated stockings

All -in -one stockings are a very popular underwear in the Thai blue sex lingerie series.This underwear is composed of pantyhose and top.Because the material texture is good, it will be more comfortable after putting it on and will not wave up.

Type 8: Three -point underwear

Three -point underwear is one of the most popular Thai blue sex underwear.This underwear is composed of three parts: bra, G string and gloves. This kind of underwear is generally made of special materials such as satin.Women who wear three -point underwear will look more confident and sexy.


In the series of blue sex underwear in Thailand, elements such as lace, transparent, and exposure are widely used, which can not only show the beauty of women’s curves, but also highlight the sexy connotation.Choosing a Thai blue sexy underwear that suits you can not only enhance personal charm, but also increase the fun of sex games.

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