The earliest female star who is a sexy underwear show

The earliest female star who is a sexy underwear show

1. Li Xiaolu: China’s first female star to make a sexy underwear show

In the early days of Li Xiaolu’s debut, in order to earn more attention and popularity, he once took a T -shaped table at the clothing show of Fashion Week.At that time, she was wearing a deep V sex underwear to show her sexy back and attracted a topic.Since then, sexy underwear has become one of her representative clothing.

2. The Kardashian family: push sexy underwear culture POP

In 2007, the Kardashian family detonated the entire international sex underwear market through the reality show "Dina and Kardashian".Women under the family use their own figures and sexy to preach sexy underwear culture, make sexy underwear synonymous, and also let many women start to accept and try to wear them.

3. Fan Bingbing: The spokesperson for the high -end customization products of sexy underwear

As one of the Chinese queen in China, Fan Bingbing, as the spokesperson of the sex underwear brand Agent Provocateur, has made an indelible contribution to the brand promotion of sexy underwear culture.In an exclusive interview with fashion magazines, she said: "The sexy underwear is the same as fashion underwear. She has undergone extremely sophisticated craftsmanship in terms of design and manual. It is a senior custom product worthy of women’s investment."

4. Lady Gaga: Incibly styling Interesting underwear becomes no longer hidden

Lady Gaga is an artist with extreme radical shapes.In her concert, sexy underwear is one of the essential elements of shape.Lady Gaga uses her artistic way to make sexy and secret clothing such as sexy underwear move towards all aspects of openness and socialization.

5. Beyonce: Sexy underwear creates a plump and perfect figure

Beyonce is a versatile musician.At the same time, she also attracted much attention because of her full body.In her concerts and MVs, sexy underwear is one of the necessities of Beyonce’s perfect figure and better expressing her sexy beauty.

6. Pei Xiuzhi: Frequent sex underwear brand in Korea

Pei Xiuzhi is one of the popular female stars in Korea.It is reported that Pei Xiuzhi spoke some sexy underwear brands in South Korea, which played a great role in the promotion of the brand in the market, and also contributed to her own influence and popularity.

7. Madonna: The strange era of sexy underwear

Madonna is a representative cultural and artistic figure of the era.In the late 1980s, in the early 1990s, her iconic dress with her sexy underwear became one of the most representative miracles of that era.Through the rich matching and performance effects of sexy underwear, the sexy underwear at that time went to strangeization.

8. Falling underwear on the stars: symbol of the times

In addition to the above stars, there are many female stars who have sex underwear on different occasions. In addition to conveying fashion style and sexy beauty, these stars also show the changes of the times and the change of social values.

9. Sex underwear: Call for gender equality

In the past, sexy underwear was exclusive to women, but now, men’s sexy underwear is no longer the "women’s clothing" in the narrow definition of the past.The appearance of men’s sex lingerie calls the declaration of gender equality and liberation.

10. Summary

Fun underwear has gone through the journey from being regarded as "prostitute" to truly entering the fashion trend.The stars’ body, the show, and the sexy underwear in the MV make this culture and art go to a bright and colorful future.

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