The difference between sexy underwear and daily underwear


In modern society, women not only need comfortable underwear, but also need beautiful and sexy sexy underwear to meet their needs.However, many people do not know the difference between sexy underwear and daily underwear.This article will explore the differences between these two underwear and their applicable scenarios.


Sexual underwear and daily underwear are significantly different in style design.Sex underwear usually uses design elements such as suits, hollow, perspective, and bellybands to enhance sexy atmosphere and pay attention to visual impact and sensory stimuli.Daily underwear pays more attention to comfort and practicality, and is more simple and fresh in design.

Fabric texture

The texture of the fabric of sexy underwear and daily underwear is also very different.Sex underwear is usually soft and comfortable materials, such as lace, chiffon, silk, etc., to add softness and sexy atmosphere.The fabrics of daily underwear are more comfortable, breathable, and easy to clean with cotton, pure cotton, and washing fiber.


Interest underwear is usually mainly black, red, purple, gold and other colors. It shows a strong and sexy atmosphere through color matching.The daily underwear is usually white, skin tone, pale pink, and pays attention to the natural and fresh style to meet the needs of daily dress.

Size standard

The size of sexy underwear and daily underwear is also different.The size of the sex underwear is small, and it pays more attention to personality and wrapping, so as to show the perfect condition of the female body curve.Daily underwear pays more attention to the accuracy of the size to adapt to comfort and health needs.

Applicable scene

Sex underwear is usually suitable for some special occasions, such as husband and wife life, party, dance, etc. to enhance sexy charm.Daily underwear is suitable for daily life and public occasions, such as office, business conferences, daily going out, etc. to adapt to wearing requirements.

Way of wear

The way of sexy underwear and daily underwear is also different.Interest underwear is usually designed with shoulder straps, back buckles, etc. to enhance the sense of personal and wrap.The way of wearing daily underwear pays more attention to comfort and natural sense. It adopts a more concise and comfortable design, such as corduroy, no trace underwear.

Price difference

There are obvious differences in the price of sexy underwear and daily underwear.The process of sexy underwear is complex, the fabric is high -quality, and the design is unique, so the price is usually high.Daily underwear is relatively practical, so the price is more approachable.

Nursing care

The care and maintenance methods of sexy underwear and daily underwear are also different.Interest underwear usually requires complex nursing methods such as professional washing, hand washing, and drying to ensure the quality and touch of clothing.Daily underwear pays great attention to the convenience of cleaning, durable, and easy to dry.


Interest underwear and daily underwear have each applicable occasion and reflection form, and consumers should choose according to their own needs.For women, the choice of underwear is not only about comfort and practicality, but also to show the outside world an important way to self -sex and beauty.

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