The earliest sexy underwear show video in the mainland

The earliest sexy underwear show in the mainland!

With the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the industry of sex underwear has also developed and has attracted more and more attention.Today, let’s look back at the earliest sexy underwear shows in the mainland to learn more about the charm of more sexy underwear.

1. Where does it happen?

Where was the sexy underwear show held?The answer is: Guangzhou.In 1993, a fashion women’s clothing store named "Mrs. Duo" in Guangzhou Nanguang Road presented the charm of sexy underwear for the first time.

2. What kind of underwear?

So, what kind of underwear did they show on this sexy underwear show?At that time, the style of sexy underwear was mainly sexy, such as lace deep V underwear, hollowed surrounded underwear, etc., with simple styles and bold colors.

3. What kind of person is the participant?

What are the models participating in the underwear show?This underwear show is more like a recruitment event. Participants are mainly plane models, fashion models and amateur models.They are petite, perfect, smooth and tender, and sexy and charming.

4. What is the response from the audience?

So, what is the response of this underwear show?The erotic underwear show is a new form of fashion, which has naturally attracted the attention of consumers.Customers stopped, using curious eyes and envious eyes to see the style of these sexy beauties.

5. Praise and criticism

The presentation of the underwear show has not only been recognized by many people, but also attracts a lot of criticism.Some people think that the display of sexy underwear is too "ambiguous", immoral, and even vulgar.However, some people say that sexy underwear is a French culture, and it is not excessively exposed, but emphasizes the gracefulness and elegant side of women.

6. The impact of underwear show on the development of the industry

Obviously, this sexy underwear show has a small impact on the development of the sexy underwear.Its appearance has gradually opened China’s sexy underwear market, and people began to realize the category of sexy underwear, and the consumer demand in this area has gradually increased.

7. The impact of underwear show on society

The sexy underwear show is a double -edged sword for society.It is not only a trend of fashion development, but also as a kind of sex culture, and promotes the beauty and confidence of women.But some people think that it is too disgusted to expose women’s bodies.However, in general, the fun underwear show plays an important role in promoting the development of the society and the fashion industry.

8. The course of sexy underwear gone

From then on, the sexy underwear industry has changed a lot.Interest underwear is no longer just a fashion item. It has become a must -have accessories for weddings, nightclubs, and makeup balls.The industry category is also increasing, including various sexy underwear, adults, and sex toys.

9. The future of sexy underwear

The prospects of the sexy underwear industry are broad.Especially in the advent of the Internet era, sexy underwear e -commerce has gradually risen and opened up a new market.Secondly, with the development of the economy and the changes in people’s aesthetic concepts, the quality and style of sexy underwear are constantly improving.

10. Summary

The earliest sexy underwear show in the mainland opened a new path for the development of the sexy underwear industry, and also attracted people’s attention to this category.As an important industry in the fashion industry, sexy underwear is full of hope.

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