The embarrassment of wearing a sexy underwear

The embarrassment of wearing a sexy underwear

When talking about the topic of sex, sexy underwear is full of mystery.Wearing a sexual relationship with sexy underwear will undoubtedly bring a fresh experience to you and your partner, but wearing it will also face some embarrassment.In this article, I will talk about the embarrassment that may encounter when wearing a sexy underwear, and how to avoid these situations.

1. No selection of the right size

The size of sex underwear is different from ordinary underwear.If you choose the wrong size, you will feel uncomfortable, and it is difficult to look sexy.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must confirm your size and make appropriate adjustments to ensure that it perfectly fit the body.

2. Choose a style that is not suitable for your body

Each woman’s body is different, so when choosing a sexy underwear, for your figure, some styles may not be suitable.Choose a style that suits you and ensure that it can emphasize your most beautiful body parts.

3. No considering comfort

Sometimes, sexy underwear may bring you uncomfortable feeling.For example, due to the effects of yarn thickness, version and texture, some sexy underwear may squeeze your chest or partial part, which will make you feel uncomfortable and affect your mood.

4. Not familiar with how to wear sex underwear

Many women may not know how to wear sexy underwear correctly.This may cause sexy and seductive aesthetics after wearing a sexy underwear, and even being stuck or unspecified.Before wearing a sexy underwear, it is recommended that you try to wear it alone, familiar with the positions and functions of various buttons, zippers and hooks.

5. It looks too exposed

Choosing a sexy underwear with a high degree of exposure may cause you to feel embarrassed.Moderate display and exposure are good, but if there are too many display, it may make you feel guilty or uncomfortable.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, it is best to choose the classic and reasonable style of the body.

6. Forget the underwear

Sometimes, sexy underwear needs to be matched with specific underwear, and you may forget them.Forgot your underwear may cause your local exposure, which will cause embarrassment for you and your partner.So don’t forget that you need to match your underwear.

7. I don’t know how to unload the interesting underwear

You will become more sexy and beautiful when wearing sexy underwear, but you may feel difficult when unloading.It may be because sex lingerie uses different designs and materials.When you buy a sexy underwear, I would like to ask the clothing clerk to make sure you know how to unload the sexy lingerie, and you can easily remove it easily after you enjoy the happiness with your partner.

8. Can’t wear or get rid of fun underwear

Sex underwear is designed for sex. Unlike ordinary underwear, many sexy underwear has a variety of special designs, which will make you feel difficult to wear and take off.Some sexy underwear may have a lot of buttons and materials that bypass your body, making it difficult to take off it.Please think carefully when you wear and take off, or choose a relatively simple style.

9. Forgot to go to the bathroom

If you wear sexy underwear for too long, you may forget to go to the bathroom.Therefore, please remember to keep alert when wearing sexy underwear and avoid embarrassment.

10. Forgot to wear back to normal underwear

Wearing sexy underwear in sex, it is easy to forget to replace it back to ordinary underwear.Please pay attention to time and replace the normal underwear in time after sex.

In the end, wearing a sexy underwear can bring you extraordinary sex experience, but when selecting sexual sexy underwear, please pay attention to the comfort, style, size, exposure, and how to wear and pick up love underwear.Please pay attention to avoid the "embarrassing situation" mentioned above, making your sex more perfect.

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