The female lead and the male lead sexy underwear

The female lead and the male lead sexy underwear

Putting on sexy underwear can increase life and make sex more exciting.The heroine and the male lead can increase sexual interest by putting on sexy underwear.But many people do n’t know much about sexy underwear, especially sexy underwear and other styles. Below is a variety of sexy underwear types.

1. TenSparent (Transparent)

Type underwear is a transparent or partial transparent underwear, usually made of silk, lace or tulle, and has a soft, breathing texture.Putting it can make women look sexy and seductive and enhance self -confidence.

2. Sheer Stockings

Telle stockings are a kind of pantyhose, which uses transparent or partial transparent materials to make the leg more sexy and charming.For men, this is a super sexy visual enjoyment.

3. Silk (Silk)

Silk pajamas are sexy and elegant underwear, which are made of soft and dry texture.It is usually made of silk, which can make women feel comfortable and smell very attractive.

4. CeleBrity Inspired

The star of the star is a special version of sexy underwear, and their design inspired by the underwear style worn by celebrities.These underwear adhere to the low -key and fashionable style, making people feel more attractive.

5. tight underwear (Corsets)

Tight underwear has the function of restraint and waist shape. At the same time, it can keep the chest and waist a relatively harmonious ratio and make them look more sexy.It can be used with other accessories, such as stockings or high heels.

6. Sexy Bikinis

In addition to exposing the skin, sexy bikini may adopt more stunning colors and patterns in its design, and may even use lace or pearls.Putting on sexy bikini can make women look very sexy.

7. Leather underwear (Leather)

The main material of leather underwear is leather material, which has the charm of devil -like charm.Putting on leather underwear can make the posture more enchanting, very sexy, and look more attitude.

8. Bralettes

The bellyband is a kind of underwear similar to the vest, usually made of soft texture without buttons or hooks.This design allows women to increase sexy while wearing comfort, and at the same time make them very confident.

9. Plus Size Lingerie (Plus Size Lingerie)

For women who need large size underwear, they can selectively sexy large -sized underwear and let themselves have more choices.These underwear are also very suitable for women who want to strengthen self -confidence and play sexy characters.

10. Young and Buty

Tongyan big breast style is a special underwear style, and they are inspired by those very sexy Asian girls.These underwear usually have pads and improvement functions, making the figure look more perfect.

Different erotic underwear can meet different needs, some sexy underwear is very sexy, and some are very elegant.It depends on the personal preferences and needs, but trying different sexy underwear will also increase the stimulus and fun of sex.

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