The most expensive and sexy sexy underwear

The most expensive and sexy sexy underwear

Sexy erotic underwear is not only to make people feel appreciated and worshiped, but also part of the purpose is to stimulate and meet sexual needs.To achieve this purpose, the design and production of sexy underwear requires extremely fine and innovative.The following will introduce some of the most expensive and sexiest sexy lingerie, so that you can feel different stimuli and enjoyment.

1. Rockefeller’s sexy underwear

This kind of sexy underwear is known as one of the most expensive sexy underwear in the world, with a value of $ 180 million.It is made of diamonds, sapphires and gold, with a total of 15 jewelry. Among them, chest diamonds and star sapphire weighs 16 carats and 19 carats, respectively.This exquisite breakthrough product shows the combination of jewelry and underwear, which makes people praise.

2. Victoria’s Secret Angel Wing -style sexy underwear

The erotic underwear designed by Ed Razek, chief designer of Victoria’s Secret, cleverly combines beauty and sexy.This beautiful and light underwear clothing is so delicate that not many people will pay attention to its price.This sexy underwear is made of 2700 white cape feathers, which is hand -sewed by more than 380 hours.Its value is as high as $ 1 million and is an enviable treasure.

3. Thai princess’s sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is worth more than $ 10 million, which is said to make Thailand’s glory and noble atmosphere more significant.This sexy underwear is made of selected sapphire and diamonds.This gorgeous Platinum sex lingerie proves the aristocratic temperament of the Thai royal family.

4. Le Mans GT underwear

The design of this sexy underwear aims to combine the car racing culture.It is made of white satin, which uses the classic blue and orange of Le Mansaccal.You may not know its value, but it is one of the most expensive sexy underwear in the world, worth $ 68,000.

5. Villainista’s harmonious underwear

This harmonious underwear was produced in Japan and was developed by senior artist Guangcheng Okada.This underwear has a typical Japanese element, including golden embroidery and a kimono -style winding belt.The value of this erotic underwear reaches $ 80,000, which reflects its level of craftsmanship and design ideas.

6. Vortex World

This design inspired by the vortex’s erotic underwear makes people feel mysterious and sexy.It is made of black stockings.This sexy underwear is quite practical, and at the same time, it shows a unique fashion style.Its price is $ 20,000.

7. Harvest season

The design of this sexy underwear is inspired by rural agricultural culture, representing the harvest season.It is made of various natural materials, such as hemp fiber and leaves, and the lace used and pasted petals used are hand -made.This sexy underwear is very comfortable, good breathability, and is also very suitable for summer wear.This $ 5,000 sexy underwear shows a unique rural style, which can easily attract people’s attention.

in conclusion

In short, these interesting underwear is unique, and aims to create a different sexy experience for people.Although their prices are expensive, the feelings and desire they bring to people cannot be measured with wealth.When you choose the sexy underwear you like, you don’t need to pay attention to the price, you just need to pay attention to the sexy experience you really want.

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